There’s no such thing as a perfect family. And that’s the message PGA TOUR pro golfer Billy Horschel has for the masses.

Following his fourth PGA TOUR victory Sunday at the AT&T Byron Nelson, Horschel admitted he had not been playing well for the last year because his attention was directed elsewhere.

“Just life gets in the way sometimes and, you know, it’s truly special to be winning on a day like this that I’m not able to talk about it right now,” he said. “But it’s just lot of stuff happens in the last year and this is just — this is nice.”

The thing he wasn’t able to talk about was revealed Monday when his wife, Brittany, courageously tweeted that she’s been struggling with alcohol addiction.

Her tweet went viral and the support flowed in.

According to Horschel, who discussed the situation at the DEAN & DELUCA  Invitational on Tuesday, the message on social media wasn’t necessarily planned.

“It’s unbelievable that my wife did it,” Horschel said. “I honestly didn’t know she was going to do it. I was playing in Ryan Palmer’s charity event yesterday. I was on a text message with my manager, and Brittany says, ‘Hey, can you guys look at a statement I just wrote and let me know what you think?’ I didn’t know what she meant. I look at my email and I call her and I say, ‘We don’t need to do this.’ I obviously mentioned something about the last year [being a] struggle, but we can dip, dive and dodge around these questions no problem.'”

But, Brittany felt the timing was right.

“She said, ‘I’m willing to take a share of our story.’ Unfortunately there’s a stigma out there about addiction, and whether it be alcoholism or drug addiction…no one wants to talk about it, but we need to talk about it. It’s nothing to be frowned upon, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a disease. It’s just like cancer.”

Billy had no plans on diving into it with the media Tuesday, other than to read a statement he had prepared on his phone.

“Usually, I’m an off-the-cuff kind of guy, but the statement I have here comes across the way I want it.

“You really never know what is going on in someone’s life, and that has certainly been true this last year for me,” he read. “There are so many families out there who struggle with any variety of issues. We are not any different aside from being in the public eye, which provides us with the opportunity to speak out about the very real struggles of battling addiction. It can be a very lonely disease, and there is a stigma out there that leads many not to ask or accept the help that they need. My wife and I hope that sharing our story will help other people who are either struggling with addiction or their loved ones. We look forward to sharing more in the future.”

The Horschel’s have been together for six-and-a-half years and have two children. Brittany has been sober for one full year. As for the family’s future?

“Getting this out there and hopefully trying to help as many people as we can from our story, that’s one of our goals now,” Horschel said.

And that’s a mission worth celebrating, too.