Never mind that Ashley Horner has never done a full Ironman triathlon before. Now, she’s tackling 52 of them across the U.S and Haiti in 52 days in what she’s calling the #WomanOfIron challenge.

The 34-year-old fitness trainer from Virginia is taking on the 7,030-mile challenge to raise money for the Maison Fortuné orphanage in Hinche, Haiti. She first visited the orphanage in 2015 and, being a mother herself to three boys ages 11, 9 and 4, the experience left her wanting to help in any way she could.

As she aims to raise at least $100,000 for the organization whose mission is to educate orphans and underprivileged children in the country, she’ll spend 12 to 16 hours each day swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles at a time. When not logging miles, she’ll be eating and sleeping as her support team gets her to the next state in a Sprinter van.

“The big danger is falling asleep on the bike,” she told the NY Post. “I might have whoever’s in the car behind me blow an air horn if I feel myself dozing off!”

Though she’s a rookie to the Ironman distance, Horner has plenty of experience with long distance racing and adventuring. She’s done a half Ironman before and, in April of 2017, ran 230 miles around Haiti while raising $64,000 for the orphanage.


#WomanOfIron There was always something special about this place. There has been something for as long as i can remember that would tug my heart towards the direction of children. After walking through these gates for the very first time a few years ago- I can’t help but to keep coming back. And I don’t think of it as they need me… but I believe I need them. Or maybe we need each other. The girls campus at @maisonfortune is growing… What once was just a boys orphanage and campus has grown into two separate campuses; one for the boys and one for the girls. This place is a home for many children and has become a family, they help take care of each other and protect one another. They are a tribe. I am willing to say without a doubt these boys and girls with proper education and foundation will turn into successful men and women leading their country in the best of ways. Education is the key to a bright future. Link in BIO to donate. I need your help because we’re gonna raise 100,000 for these boys and girls. We can do it. #AshleyHorner #Ashletes

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Not only that, but in July, she cycled 1,300 miles from Virginia Beach to Oklahoma in 13 days to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“The first three or four days of my [Virginia-to-Oklahoma] ride, my body was just miserable. It was beat up. I hurt everywhere,” she told ESPNW. “Then, after the five-day mark, every single ache and pain went away and my body just adapted. … I just got stronger every day.

“I know that by doing these Ironman distances, there’s going to be a certain point where my body understands that this is its job.”

Believe it or not, Horner will continue weightlifting three to four days per week during the challenge in order to maintain her strength, which she believes helps keep her injury-free.

Should she finish the quest, she’ll become the first woman to conquer the challenge. James “Ironman Cowboy” Lawrence completed 50 Ironmans across 50 states in 50 days in 2015.

Horner is keeping her schedule flexible, but as of this writing, here are the locations and dates of her #WomanOfIron challenge:

Virginia Beach: Aug. 15
Salisbury, MD: Aug. 16
Harrington/Dover DE: Aug. 17
East Brunswick, NJ: Aug. 18
Clinton/Westbrook, CT: Aug. 19
Warwick, RI: Aug. 20
Plainville/Foxborough MA: Aug. 21
Portsmouth, NH: Aug. 22
York, ME: Aug. 23
Springfield VT: Aug. 24
Albany, NY: Aug. 25
Allentown, PA: Aug. 26
Morganton, WV: Aug. 27
Lexington, KY: Aug. 28
Cincinnati, OH: Aug. 29
Indianapolis, IN: Aug. 30
Kalamazoo, MI: Aug. 31
Chicago area, IL: Sept. 1
Madison, WI: Sept. 2
Rochester, MN: Sept. 3
Des Moines, IA: Sept. 4
North Kansas City, MO: Sept. 5
Salina, KS: Sept. 6
Holdrege/ North Platte, NE: Sept. 7
Pierre, SD: Sept. 8
Bismarck, ND: Sept. 9
Billings, MT: Sept. 10
Jackson, WY: Sept. 11
Boise, ID: Sept. 12
Kennewick, WA: Sept. 13
Bend, OR: Sept. 14
Fresno, CA: Sept. 15
Las Vegas, NV: Sept. 16
Flagstaff, AZ: Sept. 17
St.George , UT: Sept. 18
Durango, CO: Sept. 19
Albuquerque, NM: Sept. 20
Amarillo, TX: Sept. 21
Tulsa, OK: Sept. 22
Little Rock, AR: Sept. 23
Memphis, TN: Sept. 24
Monroe, LA: Sept. 25
Jackson, MS: Sept. 26
Montgomery, AL: Sept. 27
Atlanta area, GA: Sept. 28
Charlotte, NC: Sept. 29
Columbia, SC: Sept. 30
Jacksonville, FL: Oct. 1
Location unknown: Oct. 2
Location unknown: Oct. 3
Getting to Haiti: Oct. 4
Haiti: Oct. 5

She has raised nearly $6,000 for the orphanage thus far. If you’d like to support the cause and help Maison Fortuné Orphanage buy more books, hire more teachers and expand its reach, visit