Deep in the heart of Texas, there lives a 105-year-old Texas Rangers fan. She isn’t stuck watching games in a nursing home either.

Elizabeth Sullivan threw out the ceremonial first pitch on Wednesday before the Rangers took on the Seattle Mariners. After a little practice in the bullpen, she wound up and delivered a strike as the crowd went wild.

During the game, Fox Sports’ Jim Knox paid her a visit in her box for a little interview, where she told us her secret to longevity.

“I drink three Dr. Peppers a day, and everybody says it has too much sugar, but so far, it’s kept me alive.”

While we’re not recommending anyone drink three cans of soda a day, her spirit and energy are certainly to be admired.

In fact, Sullivan was driving up until last year. The only reason why she doesn’t have a license now is because authorities wouldn’t issue her a new one after she admitted that she was too scared to take the driving test again.