As far as fairytale stories go, anything is possible.

Dan Boyle, and his daughter, Courtney have raced more than 100 miles together with Dan pushing his daughter in her wheelchair.

When the Seven Hills, Ohio father-daughter team heard about Disney’s Glass Slipper Challenge, they were all set to catch a plane to Florida. However, upon reading the fine print during online registration, Dan found out that Disney didn’t allow pushing wheelchairs in the race.

So, Dan contacted the U.S. Track and Field Federation to help get them in his daughter’s dream race.

“We got a phone call out of the blue, it was the director of the event himself who said we would like you to come down and take part…We got Disney to say yes to something and now we call Courtney a trail blazer.” (7News Boston)

Dan and Courtney will take part in the Glass Slipper Challenge, which is a two-day event. First, they’ll run the Disney Enchanted 10K on a Saturday, and then they’ll do the Disney Princess Half Marathon on a Sunday.

Of course, Courtney will wear a stylish helmet complete with a tiara.

Dreams really do come true.