Some people practice yoga to align the mind and the body. Neal “The Dude” Unger, 60, uses skateboarding.

“It quiets the brain. It turns the thinking off, and I love that,” he said in this video. “I apply what I learn about the mind and about the creative process, and then take that to other areas of my life like my friendships and my family, and changing my bad habits.”

Unger can be seen kick-flipping and grinding rails, but he considers himself a beginner.

“I can do maybe 10-20% of the basic skateboarding tricks,” he said.

The motivation for taking up the sport?

“I wanted to skate to show people that this is possible,” Unger said. “That it’s possible to be strong, it’s possible to be in good condition, and to continue to be creative.

One of the great things about Unger is that he serves as a mentor for the Next Up Foundation, a California-based organization that offers a “cool” alternative to traditional after-school programs.

Check out his skate skills and how he’s influencing younger generations.

Who needs the basic tricks when you’ve got those skills?