Lara Ebrey may be only five years old, but she’s not afraid to saddle up and put in work.

Along with her father, Paul, and older brother, Lewis, 7, Lara will be biking the entire length (55 miles) of the Taff Trail in South Wales, England.

She was inspired by Lewis, who conquered a 12-mile roundtrip adventure all the way up Snowdon Mountain, the tallest peak in Wales, when he was just six years old.

For the eight months Lewis and Paul spent training, Lara, who was four at the time, accompanied them on many rides. However, because she was so short, her bike didn’t have high enough clearance to navigate the technical sections of the rocky trail. So, she couldn’t tag along on Snowdon.

Because of that, Paul came up with a more suitable option for her in the Taff Trail.

And so, our challenge for this year was born. Lara, and Lewis will be attempting to cover the entire length of the Taff Trail in a single day this summer. In many ways, this is tougher than Snowdon. Snowdon was a combination of technical riding and a good amount of endurance. This is nearly 5 times the distance, and whilst the riding is much easier, it’s a very very long way. (Little Pro)

The Ebrey team has been moving along at about 7.5 MPH on their training rides, which means they’ll likely be on the Taff Trail for about 7.5. hours.

If you’d like to follow along as they prepare, give Little Pro a read.