If you don’t move it, you lose it. And 103-year-old Kitty Cohen has certainly been moving it.

That’s how she was able to fulfill her lifelong dream and run the bases at the Rogers Centre, where the Toronto Blue Jays play.

Cohen wrote a letter to the Blue Jays during spring training, asking if she could round the bases. The club happily invited her out, and Cohen got busy “practicing” in her nursing home.

With Blue Jays manager John Gibbons accompanying Cohen, she took off for first, but because the base wasn’t in the ground yet, she bypassed it and headed into right field before being redirected.

“I hope that everyone who gets old get out of their chairs and walks, and kicks, and dances, and shakes.” – Kitty Cohen (The Star)

As for how Gibbons “ran” the bases?

“Someone joked, ‘We might need an oxygen tank out here!'” (ESPN)