At the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver this week, Indian runner Man Kaur captured the eyes and hearts of people around the world.

At 100 years old, she ran the 100-meter race in one minute and 21 seconds. The fact that she’s simply toeing the line and running all the way through to the finish is unbelievable. The fact that she didn’t start running until 93 is astounding.

With encouragement from her 78-year-old son Gurdey Singh, who also competes at the games, she took up running just seven years shy of 100 because she had no health problems.

Since taking up the sport, she has won over 20 medals, including three gold medals this week in the 100m, javelin, and shotput. Sure, she’s the only female in her age category, but the awards are well deserved.

Kaur trains every every day by running short sprints, but doing 5-10 reps each time.

Her secret to aging gracefully? It’s not earth-shattering. A good diet, plenty of exercise, and no alcohol.

Nihal Gill, 101, from Richmond, B.C. also stunned the crowd by running the 100m dash.