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Legendary Runner Who Ran A Sub Four-Hour Marathon At 85 Dies

March 14, 20170

He was the first and only person over 70 years old to break three hours in the marathon. In October, he set another world record at 85 by becoming the
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A New Sports Rivalry: 99 And 92-Year-Old Sprinters

February 24, 20170

There’s Yankees v. Red Sox, Ali v. Frazier, and Carolina v. Duke. Add Orville Rogers, 99, and Dixon Hemphill, 92, to that list of great rivalries. The two sprinters (yes,
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How BethAnn Telford Ran Seven Marathons In Seven Days On Seven Continents With Brain Cancer

February 21, 20170

  By Kim Constantinesco One might assume that fighting brain cancer for 13 years would drain every ounce of energy in one’s body. Not for BethAnn Telford, who actually has
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Prince William, Princess Kate, And Prince Harry Race On The Track To End Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness

February 5, 20170

Who would you peg the winner in a footrace? Prince William or Prince Harry? Or would you go for the dark horse, Princess Kate? The royal trio laced up on
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Man Sets New World Record In Running Seven Marathons On Seven Continents In Seven Days

February 1, 20170

Think running seven marathons on seven continents in seven days is crazy? Well, 32 people jumped at the opportunity in late January. Michael Wardian, 42, was one of those folks,
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George Chmiel Completes His 3,031-Mile Run Across America In Support Of Veterans

January 24, 20170

After four months of nearly non-stop running, George Chmiel completed his epic run across America on Tuesday. The 35-year-old ran 3,031 miles from San Diego to New York City to
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High School Runner Shovels Track In Order To Get 10-Mile Training Run In

January 15, 20170

Growing up, we all heard this or something similar: “When I was your age, I walked three miles to school, uphill both ways.” Dedicated runner Quinn Schneider has his own
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78-Year-Old Ultramarathoner Runs 149 Miles In 48 Hours

January 11, 20170

It’s difficult to say, “Once a runner, always a runner.” The sport is hard on the body. Plain and simple, and many folks are forced to find low-impact alternatives. That’s
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World War II Veteran Still Running At 97 Years Old

December 21, 20160

When people see Albert Booth running, most think he is in his 70’s. No one ever guesses that he’s 97 years old. The World War II veteran from Pennsylvania began
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Man Who Was Given Five Years To Live Finishes 100th Marathon At 75 Years Old

December 19, 20160

Rocky Balboa has nothing on 75-year-old Don Wright. In November, Wright ran his 100th marathon in Philadelphia, but that’s just a sliver of his story. He didn’t start running until
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From Striding To Sepsis, SaraMae Hollandsworth Loses Feet But Becomes A Better Athlete

December 1, 20160

  By Kim Constantinesco There’s no easy way to receive and endure adversity. Most of the time, we can’t prepare ourselves for it. Our culture tells us to ignore it,
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P2P’s Top Five Stories: November 2016

December 1, 20160

Our top five stories from November based on page views: 5. Elite Runner Becky Wade Ran Over 3,500 Miles To Study Running Cultures Across The Globe Sure, running will leave
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Man With Terminal Lung Disease Finishes Seattle Marathon While Towing Oxygen Tank

November 30, 20160

Toss those excuses out the window and meet Evans Wilson. Wilson, 62, has terminal lung disease, but finished Sunday’s Seattle Marathon in 10 hours and 55 minutes while towing an
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Suzy Favor Hamilton, Gevvie Stone, And More Athletes Reflect On Gratitude And Their Thanksgiving Traditions

November 24, 20160

Happy Thanksgiving, Purpose2Play readers! In honor of the day, we checked in with six athletes we did feature stories on this year to see what their Thanksgiving traditions are and
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Elite Runner Becky Wade Ran Over 3,500 Miles To Study Running Cultures Across The Globe

November 14, 20160

  Kim Constantinesco Sure, running will leave you speechless. But, running around the world? That will spark your voice and turn you into a storyteller. Becky Wade, 27, knows a
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