We’ve seen runners race in business suits, but we haven’t seen them toe the line in dress shoes. Until now.

Juris Silenieks, 23, won Sunday’s Hotlanta Half Marathon in 1:17:05 while wearing a pair of dress shoes. That’s a blazing 5:53 mile pace.

Pending review from the Guinness World Records, he ran the fastest half marathon in dress shoes.

Silenieks is a recent Syracuse University graduate and obviously not suited up and sitting behind a desk. He runs for Wolf & Shepherd, a company that makes dress shoes that are “designed with comfort and technology” so that men can “dress to perform.” The business was started by Justin Schneider, a former decathlete¬†at Notre Dame, who used to design footwear for Adidas.

The Honey Cap Toe shoes that Silenieks triple knotted and wore in the race sell for $345.

Silenieks ran for his school’s cross country and track teams, and once ran a 4 minute, 14 second mile.