(Vincent Jackson poses with a fan. Photo: Jackson in Action 83)

(Vincent Jackson poses with a fan. Photo: Jackson in Action 83)

We know that it’s impossible to feel both grateful and hateful, or grateful and resentful, or grateful and judgmental. That’s why Thanksgiving is such an important reminder not to add or acquire, but to be satisfied with what’s already present.

We asked some of your favorite P2P interview subjects what they are most grateful for this year. Sit back and bask in thanks…sports style.

“I am thankful for the freedoms I have as a woman, born in the generation and geography that I was, to decide my own fate. Too few women in the world have ‘freedom’ in their vocabulary and I try to never forget that I’m insanely lucky that I do. – Shannon Galpin, the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan (Activist Shannon Galpin Uses Bikes as Vehicle for Women’s Voices, Social Change)

“I am thankful for the beauty that is found in the freedom from domestic violence. I am thankful for the people who have spoken out and stood tall in the face of their biggest fear. I am thankful for all the support that the foundation, my family, and I have received in the past year. ” – former US soccer goalie and NWSL star, Jillian Loyden (USWNT Goalie Jill Loyden: A True Underdog Story)

I am thankful for the blessing of my children. They have overloaded my heart with the most wonderful love!”Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver (Vincent Jackson Penned Book to Help Military Kids Cope with Parent’s Deployment)

“What am I most thankful for? That’s a great question. I’d say I’m most thankful for my continued life and the challenges in it that always remind me we’re not on this earth forever. We need to take advantage of what we have now, not later, because they (family, friends, loved ones… life) are fleeting and never a guarantee.  But then again, there are so so so many things I’m thankful for, I could never cover them all.” – Sean Swarner, the first cancer survivor to summit Mt. Everest (With One Lung, Sean Swarner Conquers It All)

“All of us at the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund are thankful for the inspiring support from our donors and volunteers which allows us the opportunity to BE THERE for courageous families tackling childhood cancer.” – Keli Coughlin, wide of New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin (Directing a Foundation that Tackles Childhood Cancer)

“I’m so thankful for everyone who’s believed in and shared their lives with me. It’s the sunlight for Superman powers!!” – Damon Boiser, quadriplegic skydiver (Damon Boiser Says ‘Aloha’ to Limitations)

(Damon Boiser takes a leap from a plane. Photo courtesy of Damon Boiser)

(Damon Boiser takes a leap from a plane. Photo courtesy of Damon Boiser)

“There are so many things for me to be thankful for, such as having healthy family and friends.  However,  I’m really thankful for having the opportunity to contribute to the success in the lives of so many people. In my few short months of working at MHCD I’ve seen tremendous progress in the lives of people who society has written off. These guys were homeless for many years, chronic substance abusers, and frequent fliers of the justice system. Now some are working, volunteering, and contributing to society. I couldn’t have imagined the successes I have seen. I know first hand that people can change their life circumstances with a little bit of effort.. “- Tyrone Braxton, former Denver Broncos safety and Super Bowl winner (Tyrone Braxton Overcomes Drug Problem, Gets Master’s in Social Work)

“I am most grateful this year for my nearest and dearest. Having spent 7 years rowing the world’s oceans and exploring far-flung places, it’s wonderful to be home and spending time with the people I love.” – Roz Savage, the first woman to have rowed solo across three oceans (Story coming soon)

“I’d say that I’m most thankful for the support of my friends & family, organizations such as yours, the new doors that have opened with Looking Beyond The Wheels & just being here living another day!! Life’s short & it can be taken from you at any time so take advantage of it while you can!” – Robert Thompkins, the first wheelchair skater to grind a handrail (Thompkins is Still Grinding)

I’m thankful for the most loving and supportive family that anyone could ever have. I’m thankful for the opportunity i’ve been given to represent the the greatest country in the world and to hopefully inspire the young. I’m really thankful to all who do good in this world and try their best to make it a better place. Happy Thanksgiving! ” – Lanny Barnes, U.S. Olympic biathlete (Biathlete Twins Favor Love Over Gold)

“I’m most thankful for my wife, parents, family, and friends. I’m thankful for the gift of life that I have been given, and being able to wake up each morning and have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world while living my dreams.” – Brian Boyle, who had his heart shifted to the other side of his body in a car accident, completed an Ironman (The Man with the Iron Heart)

“I am thankful for less back pain. It is painful, but not as painful. That is a hard question. I am thankful for a lot. Thankful for middle school, family, and friends. I’m thankful for meeting Kim and others from time with Tim.” – Presli Collins, neurofibromatosis fighter and Tim Tebow’s date to the Cartoon Network awards show (Memorable Date with Tim Tebow)

“I’m most thankful for being able to help children realize their goals.” – Darren Weissman, who dribbles two basketballs continuously in marathons to raise money for children’s charities (Dr. Dribble Pounds the Pavement to Inspire)

“I am most thankful for all the loved ones in my life. I feel blessed to live such a privileged life with more love and support than I deserve, and I hope to do my part in giving all I can to help alleviate suffering every single day.” – Simran Jeet Singh, Sikh activist (Sikhism and Running: A Perfect Match)

(Danielle Orner strikes a pose)

(Danielle Orner strikes a pose)

 I am really thankful to have the opportunity to teach yoga to kids and adults with amputations. I’m very excited to share my training and experiences with other amputees in the LA area. Yoga has changed my life and improved my health. I’m grateful to be so healthy and to be able to give that gift to others. ” – Danielle Orner, amputee and yoga teacher (Danielle Orner, Channing Frye Turned to Yoga to Get to Know Their Bodies)

“This year I am most thankful for my ocean Ohana — Chosen family who is just as passionate about the water and giving back as I am. I have never been part of a group that gets along so well while at the same time being so diverse in age, race, culture, success, etc. This group encompasses people from around the world!” – Will Schmidt, the first man to stand up paddleboard from Canada to Mexico (Bringing Awareness to Depression, PTSD)

“I’m thankful for so much. Above all, I’m thankful for my God, who has done such amazing things for me and my family. I’m also thankful for my family. They mean so much to me.” – Brittney Garner, the state of Tennessee’s first female head football coach (25-Year-Old Spanish Team Who Saved a High School Football Team)

I’m most thankful for everyone who supports me and my dreams especially my family and my loving girlfriend. Without them all I wouldn’t be who I am.” – David Steffan, MMA fighter with cerebral palsy (Disabled MMA Fighters Set to Square Off)

“I am most thankful for my family!  I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and three kids that have their own unique personalities. ” – Chris Spieth, golfer Jordan Spieth’s mother (Raising a Sports Prodigy Who is A Great Person)

“I have much to be thankful for. My family is happy and healthy. I have a good job doing what I love with customers, members, and fellow employees that I enjoy being around, but what I am most thankful for is my wife Cecilie. She is the most incredible woman, wife and mother of our children I could ever imagine. My wife home schools the kids, cooks almost every meal, pays the bills and says she cleans the house, although it’s hard to prove in a house with five kids. The most impressive thing about my wife is that she knows all of my shortcomings, inadequacies, and character flaws, and she still loves me. I doubt I deserve to have such a smart, beautiful, caring wife who has supported and loved me for over twenty years. But I do and I grow more and more thankful of her everyday. P.S. She didn’t write this.” – Joey Anders, Jordan Spieth’s first golf coach (Anders Does the Right Thing from the Links to Ukraine)

“Agradecida con Dios por darme el don de jugar fútbol, por darme una familia hermosa. Por poner personas que han sido parte importante en mi vida, por enseñarme a levantarme cuando he caído,por  amar lo que hago, amo lo que soy, me llena ver que los sacrificios  de  las mujeres de las selecciones anteriores y de todas esas personas entregadas al fútbol femenino , hoy se vea el fruto de ese gran sacrificio y lo que màs me llena e iluciona es ver la niñas de este paìs felices y identificadas con cada una de las selecciones femeninas. agradecida solo con Dios no hay palabras para explicar lo que se siente, no solo yo tambièn cada una de mis compañeras somos parte de esta historìa. La perseverancia, sacrificio, entrega, pasiòn y sobre todo saber que el tiempo de Dios es perfecto. Vamos a vivir este momento con la fè de que este paìs tiene talentos increhibles y un Futuro maravilloso por delante.” – Dinnia Diaz, Costa Rica national team goalie (Story coming soon)

Happy Thanksgiving, P2P readers and followers. We’re grateful for you. Now get out there and go gobble those moments up. It helps you feast on life’s never-ending banquet.