Photo courtesy of Nik Hawks

Photo courtesy of Nik Hawks

Our top five stories from November based on page views:

5. Elite Runner Becky Wade Ran Over 3,500 Miles To Study Running Cultures Across The Globe

Sure, running will leave you speechless. But, running around the world? That will spark your voice and turn you into a storyteller.

Becky Wade, 27, knows a thing or two about accumulating miles. She’s a professional long distance runner and a former All-American, who in her marathon debut, became the third-fastest female marathoner under the age of 25 in U.S. history.

The accolades were nice, but the real reward came when she took herself off the leash at 23 years old and spent one full year traveling solo to investigate running communities in every corner of the globe.

4. Teachable Moments: Elite Golf Coach Corey Lundberg on the Changing World of Golf Instruction

Anyone who has played the sport knows the truth: golf is a wicked-hard game that’s as much shot choice, mental focus and course strategy as it is about the physical swing. Mastering such a complex sport is challenging enough for adults. But, how do you effectively coach talented, young up-and-comers who dream of playing with the pros?

Corey Lundberg is a bit of an expert on the topic. He’s been recognized as a “Best Young Teacher” by Golf Digest and a Top 50 Kids Teacher in the United States.  He’s big on analytics, a passionate student of motor learning and skills acquisition techniques, and a prolific blogger. But, perhaps the most interesting thing about Lundberg’s rise from golf lover to esteemed golf coach is his catalyst for heading down that path.

3. Father-Son Team From Dubai Cross Finish Lines, Show That Families With Disabilities Can Bypass Limits

Surprises in life are inescapable. And, sometimes they arrive like a sucker-punch to the face.

That’s how Nick Watson, 47, felt when he and his wife, Delphine, learned that their oldest son Rio, 13, was diagnosed with 1q44 deletion denovo syndrome, a rare chromosome disorder characterized by seizures, severe learning disabilities, gross and fine motor disabilities, sensory integration dysfunction, and no verbal skills.

Rather than hide their grief, the family took their pain and set an intention to convert it into an offering. The Watson’s, who have lived in Dubai for almost 20 years, decided to compete in endurance events with Rio riding along for every kilometer.

2. Ultrarunner, Paleo Treats’ Co-Founder Nik Hawks Is About Nourishing The Mind As Much As The Body

If you ask Nik Hawks, the worst kind of pain can end if you catch a sliver of perspective about human potential.

The 39-year-old from San Diego, Calif. is recognized as the co-founder of Paleo Treats, the first company to focus solely on creating Paleo desserts. However, his drive extends far beyond helping others fuel their bodies with “clean” food.

Hawks is an ultrarunner, a CrossFit advocate, a veteran, and someone who doesn’t shy away from talking about his struggles with depression.

At 23 years old, Hawks had just finished serving in the Navy. Severely depressed and unsure of his post military future, he sat there with a loaded handgun in his mouth. He paused just before pulling the trigger, took a deep breath, and imagined his mother finding him dead, face down in a pool of blood.

1. Jonathan Mendes, A 96-Year-Old World War II Marine, Finishes 2016 NYC Marathon

One man’s Gatorade is another man’s scotch.

At 96 years old, Jonathan Mendes held up a nip of Scotch and toasted with his trainer, Tom Mangan, on Sunday night. And, for good reason.

Mendes had just crossed the finish line at the 2016 NYC Marathon in 11 hours, 20 minutes with Mangan and another runner serving as his guide.