How would you celebrate your 100th birthday? If you’re Delia Leal, you’d hit the road to see the San Antonio Spurs play.

The centenarian traveled for three hours in cold temperatures on Thursday evening despite a health scare to watch her longtime favorite team take on the New York Knicks. Why? Well, it was on her “bucket list” to see the Spurs live and in person at the AT&T Center.

“The nurse comes in and checks me out, and she says, ‘You’re perfectly okay. Your vitals are okay. You just go on with your plans.’ So, that was the best news I heard,” Leal told KENS5 Eyewitness News.

The added bonus? The Spurs beat the Knicks 119-107.

Delia Leal’s daughter, Minita Leal, gave her game tickets for her 100th birthday last week. Then on Wednesday, she found out she’d be sitting court-side and probably rub elbows with Tony Parker and Pau Gasol.

So, as you can imagine, she wasn’t missing this game for anything.

As for Minita’s gift, it wasn’t just a birthday offering for her mother. It extended beyond that as a beacon of hope to other seniors.

“This is just a gift to our mother, but this is also a gift to any senior: To encourage them to live life. There is life with purpose, even at 100.” Minita Leal said.

Also in attendance for the Spurs’ Thursday night win was a woman named Mercedes, who was celebrating her 99th birthday.

As you can see, the team made the evening fun for both birthday girls.

Delia was even recognized on the Jumbotron during a timeout, and she was certainly all smiles.

What a way to bring in triple digits, and prove that passion for not only sports, but for life, can bring happiness, adventure and an escape from the mundane.