Visiting fans aren’t normally warmly welcomed in stadiums. However, with gestures like this one, who can argue the presence of these unfamiliar, but gracious fans?

Supporters of ADO Den Haag, a football club from the Netherlands, traveled to watch their team take on Feyenoord. They ended up buying tickets in the upper deck, just above a group of sick children from Sophia Children’s Hospital.

A fan group thoughtfully posted the following message on Twitter:

“A call to all away supporters. Take with you a little cuddly toy to the game. Just make sure there are no hard things are in the toy. So no beads and buttons, children from the Sofia Children’s Hospital will take be under us at the away end. Throw your cuddly toy to them in order to make an unforgettable day a lasting memory!”

Toward the beginning of the match, the fans showered the kids with stuffed animals, making their day that much sweeter.