Virginia basketball fan Michael Pittman put his money where his mouth was after one of the most exhilarating regular season wins in UVA history.

During UVA’s game against Louisville Thursday night, Pittman, a sports blogger who tweets from the handle @WahooBasketball, boldly stated that if Virginia pulled off the victory despite being down by seven points with eight minutes left in the contest, he would donate $5,000 to the Virginia Athletics Foundation.

Pittman thought his money was safe even later in the game. With one second remaining and UVA down by four points, he never in a million years believed that the Cavaliers would triumph.



Then, UVA’s Ty Jerome was fouled while attempting a 3-pointer. He made two of the shots, but when a Louisville player committed a violation on the ensuing inbound pass, that gave UVA one final chance at a win.

Enter De’Andre Hunter, who caught the inbound pass and promptly banked in a 3-pointer at the buzzer to give his team a 67-66 victory.

“I did not react when the shot went in,” Pittman wrote on Twitter. “I just sat there.. waited 10 seconds or so and looked at my wife across the room.. and said “holy s***”. What a weird night. Man. Sports.”

Shortly after arguably the most thrilling college basketball game this season, Pittman provided proof that he did in fact donate $5,000 to the Virginia Athletics Foundation, which helps “support the cost of athletic scholarships, the academic experience for student-athletes, sport-specific operational needs and facility upgrades.” Here’s his receipt:



“[I] started the twitter account and podcast and stuff to disconnect from work,” Pittman told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Very passionate about my Hoos.”

Pittman could have easily deleted the original tweet, and pretended like he never promised the $5,000. However, he kept his word and is now encouraging fellow UVA fans to make donations as well.

“Let’s really make this publicity a positive and send over some more donations to How much was your elation last night worth?” he tweeted. “Every little bit counts.”

Now that’s a fan who supports his team.