If you need more proof that the phrase “Throw like a girl” is outdated, look no further than University of Oklahoma softball junior pitcher Paige Parker.

Parker helped her team win the Women’s College World Series this year, and as a result, she was invited by the Kansas City Royals to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

Prior to taking the mound for the honor, Parker warmed up behind-the-scenes with Royals’ catcher Drew Butera, who had no idea what he was in for.

Check out this video of Parker knocking Butera back on his heels with her powerful arm:

“Some of their reactions were really cool, so that’s something I won’t ever forget,” she said. “They were pretty shocked about how much my ball moved. I think they were especially fascinated by my rise ball because they never see that. They had some pretty funny reactions. Drew had a hard time catching some of my rise balls, which was pretty funny.” (Sooner Sports)

Parker grew up not far from Kauffman stadium, so she was thrilled with the opportunity.

“It was surreal,” she said of the whole experience. “I think it’s like a childhood dream come true to get to meet the players. I don’t think I could’ve ever thought of any of that in my wildest dreams to get to interact with them that much.”


Who else is with me when I say, I could watch her throw all day?