The New York Mets may scream blue and orange, but Tuesday night against the San Diego Padres, the team was thinking ‘red.’

That’s because May 28 is World Blood Cancer Day. DKMS, a non-profit and the world’s largest bone marrow donor center whose mission is to eradicate blood cancers like Leukemia and other blood-related illnesses by encouraging others to register as bone marrow and blood stem cell donors helped made sure Citi Field was celebrating appropriately.

Prior to the game, the Mets and DKMS honored six people at home plate who have gone above and beyond to help create a world with more blood cancer survivors.

People like Quiana Parks, a lymphoma survivor and DJ who has championed DKMS through her “DJ for a Cure” organization, and John Concado, a New York area actor who donated stem cells in 2012.

Owen Hogan, 5, who was given a second chance at life after he was diagnosed with apolastic anemia at two years old served as an honorary member of the grounds crew along with his brother.

“It’s an honor and privilege to be able to join forces with the New York Mets at Citi Field to recognize World Blood Cancer Day,” said Carina Ortel, DKMS US CEO.

Now that’s a ball game worth taking in.