Trey Morrison was turning 12 years old on Wednesday, and thought that for the fourth year in a row, he would be without his father, Army Col. Jay Morrison, again. Then, the unthinkable happened at the Milwaukee Brewers game.

Morrison had not seen his wife and two sons since he deployed to Kuwait in July of 2017. So, when the Milwaukee Brewers told his family that they wanted to recognize his service by bringing them out to the game and featuring them on the scoreboard between innings, they were most definitely up for it, especially because it was young Trey’s birthday. What better way to celebrate, they thought.

Little did they know that they would be engulfed in hugs and kisses on top of the dugout by the man they so longingly missed.




The moment went viral for obvious reasons, and Morrison is glad that it did.

“If you look at some of the reaction, it just reminds fellow Americans that there are a lot of outstanding military families that put their lives on hold, and that this moment, if we could share with them and they get a little bit of joy out of it is just absolutely … it’s awesome to be able to do,” he told On Milwaukee.

But he also knows that the special experience was really a portal into something bigger.

“You wanna get to that moment (the surprise reunion), you wanna have that moment because you know it’s a gateway to really being together. As special as that moment is, today (Thursday) was … today was awesome. I made breakfast for the kids and just sitting there, seeing them in their PJs and we’re all talking and laughing. And you think about, 36-48 hours ago, I was still in Kuwait. And all that stuff kind of runs through your mind.”

As for Trey’s birthday, I’m guessing he had to come up with a new wish prior to blowing out his candles. The original one already came true well before he was eyeing the flames.