He’s best known as “The Sports Pope” in New York, but WFAN sports radio host Mike Francesa has another title, at least according to one of his listeners. And that title is “Hero.”

Mike from Yonkers, NY called into Francesa’s show last summer to share his story about surviving a terrible car accident. In telling Francesa about the accident, he was crying and seemingly still tormented by it.

What Francesa didn’t know at the time was Mike was addicted to pain pills and was going to end his own life. This came to light recently when Mike called back into the show to thank Francesa for saving his life.

“You remember eight months ago when I called you, I was crying,” Mike told Francesa. “You know why, Mike? ‘Cause I was on opioids and I was gonna kill myself. I had a handful of pills and I was gonna take ’em and God sent you to me at that moment, and you took my mind off of what I was gonna do.”

Mike continued on and related his experience with that of Tiger Woods’.

“Yes, I was where Tiger Woods was the other night. And it doesn’t take much, Mike, to get you there. Two of those pills, a couple Advil, a couple Aleve, and I was there. I don’t remember what I said that day. I just remembered that … you were kind to me, you took my mind off of what I was gonna do. After that, I told my wife what had happened and she said, ‘Well, look, you’re either gonna die or you’re gonna change.'”

Francesa repeatedly said he could not take credit for saving the man’s life. Here are both of the actual phone calls: