Due to inclement weather, Kansas City chiefs guard Jeff Allen nearly didn’t make it to Saturday’s divisional playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. The only reason he was able to suit up in time? A homeless man who stepped in to save the day.

Allen’s car got stuck in the snow on the way to Arrowhead Stadium, but a man named Dave, who had no idea Allen played for the Chiefs, helped dig him out.

“After I got done helping him, he told me he was a Chiefs player,” Dave told KSHB. “I didn’t look at him as no Chiefs player. I just looked at him as a normal person. I would hope that he’d do the same for me as I did for him.”

In fact, Allen wasn’t the first person Dave pulled out of the snow. He told KSHB that he had just finished helping another guy who was stuck as well.

Allen got Dave’s contact information following the good deed, but didn’t properly save it in his phone. So, the seven-year NFL veteran took to Twitter to see if Chiefs fans could help him locate the stranger. That’s because Allen wanted to reward him with two tickets to Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots.



The search for Dave was a success, and he was beyond touched by Allen’s gesture.

“That’s a natural habit for me is to help people,” Dave explained. “I wasn’t expecting anything in return.”

“It’s like a dream come true. I’d seen the message this morning. And I’m not even gonna fake with you. Call me soft if you want to home boys, but I started bawling.”

The only thing that could make Dave’s week better when it comes to the NFL? A Chiefs win to catapult them to the Super Bowl.