Amanda Young has had an amazing start to her senior year. The Kansas high school student, who happens to have Down syndrome, was named homecoming queen just a few weeks ago. Then, in stunning fashion, she served up back-to-back aces on the volleyball court on Senior Night.

Young, who attends Hayden Catholic High School in Topeka, is her school’s volleyball team manager, and had never played in a game until Tuesday.

Prior to the game, the teams’ two head coaches talked it over and were all in on Young having her shining moment.

She took to the court, and with a little help from her opponents, started the contest off with two points for her squad thanks to some beautiful serves.

Lucky for us, there’s video courtesy of WIBW sports reporter Jonathan Deutsch:



Young’s serves made ESPN’s top plays on SportsCenter, but there’s so much more to this popular student.

According to The Kansas City Star, she also student-manages Hayden’s girls’ basketball team. Sports are her life.

After she was awarded homecoming queen at the football game, she told the people who were congratulating her to move aside so she could see the opening kickoff.

“Ask what her favorite part about homecoming was — riding in a Corvette in the parade? — and she’ll say it was watching the star player score three touchdowns,” wrote.

Young doesn’t see herself as different from her peers. And, that’s due in large part to her peers.

“From the time she started there, she’s just one of them, she’s not special. She’s just one of them. And they treat her that way and she’s included,” her father Terry Young said.

“I wish all Down syndrome kids could have the same experience she has. Because I know a lot of kids do, but I know some … that’s not the experience they have in high school at all.

“They let her be a part of everything, let her kind of do her thing. They love her for who she is.”

And it’s that kind of attitude that makes the world a better place long after any competition ends.