Fantasy sports are all the rage, so why not dip into that population for life-saving purposes?

That’s why DKMS (We Delete Blood Cancer) and FNTSY Sports Network have teamed up to fight the good fight against blood cancer.

Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer or blood disorder in the U.S. That’s when a bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant becomes imperative.

According to DKMS, while 30 percent find a matching donor within their families, 70 percent of patients must rely on an unrelated stranger who is virtually their genetic twin to donate. Unfortunately, less than half of those seeking a transplant will find a match.

That’s why DKMS has partnered with FNTSY Sports Network. With more than 38 million people who play fantasy sports every year, DKMS is using that platform to spread awareness and encourage fans to swab their cheeks and register to become donors.

Donors and staff will appear on FNTSY programming via video, radio and digital, where they’ll share stories of donor heroism while also discussing their own fantasy sports experiences. As part of the partnership, DKMS will also be prominently featured on the FNTSY Sports Radio and TV networks throughout the NFL season.

The population being targeted is more than ideal due to the fact that medical professionals have determined that young males are the best candidates for bone marrow/stem cell donation for those in need of lifesaving transplants.

“Fantasy sports is popular among young men, the most requested demographic group for bone marrow donors, which makes this partnership a fit for DKMS,” said David Tratner, Vice President of Communications and Marketing at DKMS. “We are breaking new creative ground for DKMS with this partnership. We hope to make a significant impact on awareness for the brand and in signing up more young males to the registry, which we hope leads to search coordinators finding more matches and saving more lives.”

For more information on DKMS, to register or to fund the mission, visit