It’s been two years since Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo surprised a young boy on the streets of Madrid, but the moment is so cute and entertaining that I think it’s a good time to look back on the incredible video that has amassed more than 16 million views on YouTube.

Ronaldo went undercover to play soccer in the city streets like a “regular person.” A team of people applied makeup and facial hair to his ever-recognizable face. Then he donned a wig, sunglasses and a small fat suit underneath his grey sweats.

“People are going to think I’m crazy,” he said in the clip.

Ronaldo stepped into a plaza with the intention of making onlookers think he was homeless and trying to earn money with his soccer skills. He had a cardboard box for collecting funds and a dog with him.

Then the 32-year-old began juggling the ball and putting on a fancy display of footwork. He also kicked the ball to people passing by to see if they would engage, and kick the ball with him.

He even asked for a woman’s phone number, to which she declined (cue half of his 111 million Instagram followers cringing right now).

Then a young boy gravitated toward this unknown man to kick the ball around. After a few minutes, Ronaldo pulled a Sharpie out and picked up the ball so he could sign it. That’s when he took off his wig and faux facial hair to reveal himself.

The boy’s jaw dropped, and a crowd quickly engulfed them with cameras and photo requests.

A hug goodbye from Ronaldo and a signed ball for proof, made this little guy’s life.

Here’s the full video:



Ronaldo isn’t a stranger to showing up in unexpected places for fans. He made a surprise video for a Brazilian teenager in early September and showed up at a coffee shop for fans last spring.