The Cleveland Browns may have had one of the worst seasons in NFL history, but the city’s food bank is reaping the benefits.

In the middle of the Browns 0-14 start, one Browns’ fan pitched the idea of throwing a “perfect season” parade to commemorate a winless season (which would have been the second such occurrence in NFL history). Other Browns fans liked the idea, so a GoFundMe page was created to help pay for the parade’s security, bathroom facilities, etc.

The goal was to raise $1,999, a nod to the year the Browns returned to the NFL. Anything more, would be donated to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Parade plans were halted, however, when the Browns found a way to win one last week against the San Diego Chargers. That one measly win turned into a huge victory for the food bank. As of Friday, $10,758 was raised for the parade, and the Browns have decided to match that with a $10,000 donation of their own.

What a way to finish strong.