Cali Austin, 11, was clapping so hard for her Houston Astros during a September game at Minute Maid Park that her World Series replica ring fell off her finger and down to the section below from where she was seated.

The Texas girl was upset that the ring was gone, but stranger and fellow Astros fan Brent Partin stepped up and gave her his replica ring.

“My daughter was clapping and her ring flew off over the railing down below to club level,” Cali’s mother Candace Good posted on Facebook. “After sobbing for a few minutes the nice gentleman behind her leaned forward and gave her his ring. There are still wonderful people in this world!”

It was a kind gesture, but that’s far from where the story ends.

Partin, a lifelong Astros fan who often attended games with his daughter, Allison, told KPRC that she passed away five years ago at the age of 20, and he misses her desperately.

It took him three years to attend another Astros game after her death, but he’s happy to be back in the ballpark that housed so many great memories. That’s why when Cali lost her ring, Partin said that if his own daughter had lost her prized possession, he would have done anything in the world to make sure she got it back. And, that’s the primary reason why he took action so quickly.

“The way I look at it, there needs to be a little more kindness in this world as it is,” he said. “There’s enough hatred in this world. We’re all God’s creatures. And if we can’t show each other a little kindness and respect, I don’t know where this world’s going to go to.”

The act of kindness touched the Austin family so much that Cali’s brother, Cash, gave Partin his own Little League championship ring.

Not only that, but Partin and Cali have become fast friends, even taking in a game together at Minute Maid Park.



As for the original replica ring? After seeing the story on KPRC, the woman who found the missing ring contacted the station to get Candace’s number and return the gem to its rightful owner.

Regardless of where the varying rings find homes, there’s no doubt that some greater force was behind linking Cali Austin and Brent Partin. And now they have the ring to symbolize that.