The Denver Broncos have every corner of Colorado backing them. Of course, that includes Children’s Hospital Colorado, where patients and staff filmed a Broncos inspired lip-sync music video to “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen.

The hospital, which has a recording/broadcast studio on the first floor, held a parody contest for patients and encouraged them to submit their best Broncos lyrics.

Cancer survivor Daniel Hailpern, 15, won the contest and had his fight song produced into a video that has now gone viral.

Hailpern spent nine months at the hospital while fighting leukemia and undergoing a bone marrow transplant. He had to miss his freshman year of high school, but life went one. In lieu of sitting in a desk, he planted himself in the hospital’s studio to record a weekly Broncos show, which was aired on channel 45 in the hospital.

We invite you to watch Hailpern’s words come to life, and cheer him on for his efforts this season.