There are diehard fans, and then there’s 102-year-old Mary Latowski. The Boston Red Sox fan will be at Fenway Park on Wednesday night enduring temperatures in the 40s as her beloved team takes on the L.A. Dodgers in Game 2 of the 2018 World Series.

That alone is impressive, but when you consider that Latowski had a stroke three weeks ago, and got out of the hospital on Tuesday, her appearance at the historic ball field is downright jaw-dropping.

“I couldn’t even walk,” Latowski told WPRI of her condition following the stroke. “But at least I can walk now. I’m not 100% but I can still walk with a walker.”

She will attend the championship game, her fourth World Series game, with her grandson, who declared on Sunday that she “better get ready” to go because he had a ticket with her name on it.

To her credit, she worked as hard as any athlete to rehabilitate herself after the scary medical emergency.

“It takes a strong individual to be able to come in completely debilitated, unable to stand, unable to sit up straight, completely dependent on all of her care, and then at 25 days have the ability to get to a Red Sox game,” Luke Davis, executive director of Rehabilitation Services at Kent Hospital, said.

See what enduring an 86-year championship drought will motivate you to do?



“I really tried my best so I could go, and move my feet so I could get in a car, and get out of the car and get in a wheelchair and get to Fenway Park,” Latowski said.

Latowski first became a fan of the Red Sox at 14 years old while listening to games on the radio during her bus ride home from school. Then, she’d keep family members up-to-date on scores and results.

She asserts that the 2018 Red Sox are the best team in the storied franchise’s history. After so many years of watching, who’s to argue? Latowski knows her stuff.

And tonight, hopefully someone in the stands knows enough to buy her a hotdog.