Terminally Ill 16-Year Old, Dejon Stutz, Treated To Thrill Of A Lifetime By Denver Broncos and Sports Authority

DeJaun Stutz takes in pregame warmups at Sports Authority Field at Mile High from the sideline. (photo courtesy of Kevin Torres, 9News, Denver)
DeJon Stutz takes in pregame warmups at Sports Authority Field at Mile High from the sideline. (photo courtesy of Kevin Torres, 9News, Denver)

This past Sunday, the Denver Broncos closed out the 2014 season with a 47-14 blowout win against its arch-rival, Oakland Raiders. For most of Broncos’ Country, a 33-point victory over the hated Raiders is enough to make us deliriously happy for weeks.  For 16-year old, DeJon Stutz, it would have if not for the efforts of Joseph’s Journey and the folks over at Sports Authority, the title sponsor of the stadium at Mile High and business partner of the Broncos. Joseph’s Journey is dedicated to providing terminally ill children with wilderness experiences including hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, climbing, and more– it is up to the child.

You see, DeJon has been fighting a terminal form of brain cancer since a very early age. He and his family have been traveling back and forth between Minneapolis and Denver to receive treatment for years from their Rapid City, S.D. home. So when the CEO of the sporting goods giant caught wind of DeJon’s plight, he was invited to partake in the football experience of a lifetime.

This was not just tickets to the game, but it also included a limo ride from their hotel, watching the game from a Sports Authority Field private suite, and getting to see his favorite player, Emmanuel Sanders, up close and personal during pre-game warm-ups…from the Broncos’ sideline. He also got to hang out in the stable where the Broncos’ mascot, Thunder resides and got his picture taken with a couple of the Broncos’ cheerleaders…at their behest. This prompted somebody in his entourage to point out to the teenager that it made him blush. The young man summed up the whole day in true teenage fashion:

“Dude, this is beast!”, beamed DeJon!

This makes Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch‘s version of “Beast Mode” pale in comparison. In all seriousness though, both DeJon and his mother, Cassie Stutz identified what this experience really means to him in the context of his valiant fight:

“Things like this give me something to live for…sports are my life!” DeJon said.

To which Cassie added, “This is life!”

For a young man who doesn’t know how much of it he has in front of him, this is, indeed, life.

Click Here to learn more about Joseph’s Journey and/or how you can donate or volunteer for . Happy New Year to everyone!

Matt Petrero

Matt Petrero

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