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George Jedenoff Is Still Skiing At 99 Years Old

March 20, 20170

We first introduced you to George Jedenoff in 2014 when he was 97 years old and skiing the pristine Utah snow with as much energy as a 13-year-old. Then we
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High School Football Coach Suspends His Entire Team To Teach Lessons In Character

September 10, 20160

What if high school coaches coached life skills ahead of athletics? That’s what Union High School (Roosevelt, Utah) football coach Matt Labrum did in 2013. After certain players were caught
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Skier George Jedenoff Is Still Ripping Down Utah’s Slopes At 98 Years Old

March 18, 20160

George Jedenoff isn’t 98 years old. That’s just how many years he has been having fun. He lives in California, but for the past 56 years, he has flocked to
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13-Year-Old Son Of Slain Police Officer Scores Winning Hockey Goal, Then Buries His Dad

January 28, 20160

Jack Barney, 13, appropriately got a police escort to his hockey game on Saturday. Though it made the teen smile, it wasn’t the most joyous ride to the ice. His
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Pro Mountain Biker Jen Hanks Pedaled Through Two Rounds of Cancer

October 28, 20152

By Kim Constantinesco One day you’re screaming down a trail, leaving tread marks and sweat in the red dirt. The next, you’re in a recliner chair being pumped full of
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Endurance Athlete Iron Cowboy Completes 50 Ironmans in 50 Days across 50 States

October 25, 20150

By Alison Ryan When endurance athlete and family man, James Lawrence of Orem, Utah, set out to accomplish his most recent physical feat, he was told it couldn’t be done.
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Man Does 50 Ironmans In 50 States In 50 Consecutive Days To Fight Childhood Obesity

August 6, 20150

  Children are the greatest imitators, and 39-year-old Utah-based triathlon coach and personal trainer James Lawrence knows that. Lawrence just completed 50 Ironmans in 50 states in 50 consecutive days
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Lotatoa Ward Becomes Ultra Runner At 8 Years Old, Despite Brain Tumor

April 15, 20150

A warrior isn’t so much defined by his strength, but by the size of the focus within. Within Lotatoa “Lota” Ward, 8, resides a deep and passionate focus for distance
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P2P Founder Kim Constantinesco Gives First Hand Account Of Snowboarding Competition

February 12, 20150

After Sports Illustrated published a story on my comeback from injury, and first snowboarding competition by Patti Putnicki, I’ve decided to recap my experience of participating in the Subaru Freeride
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P2P Founder Kim Constantinesco Featured In Sports Illustrated

February 4, 20151

After over one year of featuring inspiring athletes on Purpose2Play, I’ve been inspired enough to take on my own personal challenge. I will be participating in the 2015 Subaru Freeride
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97-Year-Old Skier Still Hunting For Powder Stashes

November 15, 20140

For many around the country, ski season is upon us. It’s common to see 2-year-olds on the bunny slopes learning the ropes so that they get to a point where
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