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Villanova Senior Who Made Winning Basket Chooses To Console Opponents Rather Than Celebrate

March 11, 20170

Villanova senior Josh Hill made the shot of his life on Friday night with his team down by one point to Seton Hall in the Big East Tournament semifinals. After
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High School Basketball Team Won’t Play Until Their Rivals Have Cheering Fans

March 17, 20150

Who says sportsmanship is lost? The basketball team from Vanguard College Prep in Waco, Texas refused to play against a juvenile correction facility team from Gainesville, Texas for a reason
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Fan Letter To Michigan QB Devin Gardner Goes Viral

December 3, 20140

There aren’t too many cases of positive reinforcement going viral in the sports world. However, look no further than a letter sent from a fan to Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner.
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High School Runner Carries Fallen Rival Across Finish Line

October 17, 20140

Sometimes it doesn’t take coming in ahead of everyone else to win first place. At the Eastern Dakota Conference Cross Country Championship last Saturday, Devil’s Lake runner Senior Melanie Bailey
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