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Purpose2Play’s Top 16 Stories Of 2016

December 31, 20160

It was another incredible year at Purpose2Play. We’re honored to be the media outlet some of the world’s most inspiring athletes choose to tell their stories to. Before we move
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To That Guy in My Communication and Sport Class: Passion is for People, Not Just Male Athletes

April 13, 20160

  By Annie Spewak I walked eagerly into my Tuesday morning Communication and Sport class. Each class is centered around what any student athlete can passionately get behind: sports. After
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Daniel Kish Helps Blind Athletes “See” By Teaching Human Echolocation

November 17, 20150

By Kim Constantinesco When Daniel Kish wants to ride his bike through a busy intersection, he calls upon his tongue, not his eyes, to decipher whether it’s safe to pedal
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U.S. Athletes, Fans Pay Tribute to Those In Paris Terror Attacks

November 14, 20150

The world sits in heavy mourning. The deadly and senseless attacks in Paris have shocked every corner of the globe, as we all #PrayforParis, check in on loved ones, remember
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Five Boys Bring Special Needs Student Into Their Circle, Bond Over Sports

September 7, 20150

A group of five boys from Minnesota noticed that their classmate, James, was being picked on and being taken advantage of because he is a special needs student. So, the
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Former College Field Hockey Player Plays Through, Overcomes Thyroid Cancer

May 8, 20152

By Kim Constantinesco Although being sick requires extra care and attention from doctors, nurses, family, and friends, the big ‘I’ in illness is isolation. The feeling of being “alone” in
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Calling Audibles Podcast: The Life & Impact of Lauren Hill

April 22, 20150

For this, my very first podcast episode of Calling Audibles Radio, I took the show’s title literally. Originally, I was going to air an interview with former NHL standout goaltender,
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Timeout Q&A: Coaching Your Own Child

March 28, 20150

Purpose2Play: Do you think there’s an age/level where it’s inappropriate for someone to coach his/her own child on a competitive level? Dr. Cheri Toledo: The nature of the parent-child relationship
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Timeout Q&A: Should Athletes Be Jacks of All Sports or Masters of One?

January 9, 20150

In our effort to give coaches at all levels some more guidance as they lead athletes to greatness and as they navigate an often unpredictable sports world, we’ve asked our
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Purpose 2 Play Releases FREE E-Book On Inspirational Sports Stories

December 26, 20140

Last Friday, we blew out the candles for our first birthday, and we did it in style with an exclusive interview with Derek Jeter. This Friday, we’re marking our one-year
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Purpose 2 Play Staff And Their Holiday Traditions

December 25, 20140

Here at Purpose 2 Play, we’re so used to telling the stories of others, that the faces of the P2P staff often get lost in the rich content. That’s why
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Cavs Player Skips National Anthem Due to Muslim Faith

November 8, 20140

Before the Cleveland Cavaliers and Utah Jazz tipped off on Wednesday night, all pregame festivities and hoopla went on an usual. However, Cavs guard Dion Waiters decided to skip out
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Inactivity Epidemic Can Be Overcome!

September 16, 20140

By Jim Baugh America is facing an inactivity and obesity crisis. Twenty-eight-percent of all Americans are sedentary, meaning they do not participate in any physical activity throughout the year. This
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P2P’s Five Most Read Stories From May 2014

June 20, 20140

We’re a little late on this one, but each and every month we’re going to take a look at Purpose 2 Play’s most popular stories from the previous month. This will
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