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George Jedenoff Is Still Skiing At 99 Years Old

March 20, 20170

We first introduced you to George Jedenoff in 2014 when he was 97 years old and skiing the pristine Utah snow with as much energy as a 13-year-old. Then we
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Lucky 7’s This Week In Sports

January 21, 20170

The number 777 is considered good luck, and this week’s sports related news was full of 7’s. 1. Have a look at 16-year-old high school freshman Robert Bobroczky. He’s 7’7″
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Pro Slackliner, Ski Instructor Saves Man Hanging Unconscious From Ski Lift

January 5, 20170

Skier Mickey Wilson, 28, was at the right place at the right time when he scaled a Colorado chairlift to rescue a man who was hanging from the lift with
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Losing a Leg Doesn’t Mean Losing a Life For Skier Chandler Balkman

June 30, 20160

  By Brianna Arity What does it take to train for the Paralympics Ski Race Team? After a boating accident took Chandler Balkman’s leg, prompting a 75-day stay in the
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P2P’s Five Most Read Stories: March 2016

April 4, 20160

March was full of good sports narratives spanning all ages. From the two fifth-grade journalists who will be helping us cover the AT&T Byron Nelson this year to a 98-year-old
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Skier George Jedenoff Is Still Ripping Down Utah’s Slopes At 98 Years Old

March 18, 20160

George Jedenoff isn’t 98 years old. That’s just how many years he has been having fun. He lives in California, but for the past 56 years, he has flocked to
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13-Year-Old Skier Kelly Sildaru Becomes Youngest Female To Win X Games Gold

January 30, 20160

She may be just 5-foot-1 and 88 pounds, but 13-year-old Kelly Sildaru became the youngest female to win a gold medal in X Games history. The pro freeskier from Estonia,
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P2P’s Five Most Read Stories: June 2015

July 1, 20150

P2P readers sure do like variety. Our top stories from June range from golf to rugby with some snowboarding, skiing, running, and climbing in between. Take a look at these
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Visually Impaired Ski Racer Staci Mannella Carves Turns, Smashes Limits As D1 Athlete At Dartmouth

June 12, 20150

Do we really need sight if we have vision? Staci Mannella is a sophomore at Dartmouth, she’s a D1 varsity athlete on the school’s equestrian team, and she’s a world-class
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Marcel Hirscher Makes Skiing’s Ultimate Color Run

April 2, 20150

Who says artistic expression is lost in sports? Check out this Red Bull sponsored video of Australian alpine skier Marcel Hirscher. He was provided the ultimate “color run” opportunity as
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Lynsey Dyer Encourages Women’s Empowerment To Big Mountain Skiing Community And Beyond

February 2, 20150

  By Kim Constantinesco Snowflakes may be fragile, but take into consideration what they can do when they stick together. Big mountain pro skier Lynsey Dyer, 31, believes in the
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Jeremy Bloom, Wish Of A Lifetime Value Seniors And Making Dreams Come True

December 16, 20140

By Kim Constantinesco Regardless of one’s age, there’s no limit to wishing upon a star. That’s the philosophy that former World Champion/Olympic skier and former NFL player Jeremy Bloom honors.
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97-Year-Old Skier Still Hunting For Powder Stashes

November 15, 20140

For many around the country, ski season is upon us. It’s common to see 2-year-olds on the bunny slopes learning the ropes so that they get to a point where
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Paralympic Skier Josh Sundquist Highlights Healthy Leg With Creative Halloween Costumes

October 31, 20140

Paralympic athletes constantly showcase their amazing abilities in competition, but ski racer Josh Sundquist, 30, also uses Halloween as a way to feature his healthy leg. That’s why he gets
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Paralympic Skier Josh Dueck Had to go Upside Down to See Right Side Up

August 25, 20140

  By Kim Constantinesco For professional skier Josh Dueck, it ironically took going upside down to help him see things right side up. After many years of pursuing his dream
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