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Calling Audibles Podcast: The Life & Impact of Lauren Hill

April 22, 20150

For this, my very first podcast episode of Calling Audibles Radio, I took the show’s title literally. Originally, I was going to air an interview with former NHL standout goaltender,
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College Basketball’s Lauren Hill Dies, Leaves Mark On The World

April 10, 20150

There’s a difference between giving up and letting go. One retains integrity and the other doesn’t. Giving up is synonymous with “I don’t care” while letting go is synonymous with
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Lauren Hill Ends Basketball Career, Becomes Honorary Mount St. Joseph’s Coach

December 17, 20141

Lauren Hill’s college basketball career has officially come to an end. The Mount St. Joseph’s freshman star retired her No. 22 jersey after scoring five baskets in four games, and
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Jimmy V Foundation Makes $100,000 Donation In Lauren Hill’s Honor

December 6, 20140

The big names in women’s college basketball always include Geno Auriemma, Connecticut, and Notre Dame, but this year, it’s been Mount St. Joseph freshman Lauren Hill, 19, who has stolen
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