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Atita Verghese Is India’s First Female Pro Skateboarder And She’s Building Skate Parks For Underprivileged Children

February 13, 20170

Women don’t skateboard in India, right? Wrong. It may be one of the poorest countries in the world, but skateboarding is taking off, with women at the forefront. That’s in
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Meet The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher: 98-Year-Old Tao Porchon-Lynch

January 9, 20170

Tao Porchon-Lynch was eight years old and living in India when she was first intrigued by yoga. However, she was told it wasn’t “lady-like.” To say she ignored that message
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At 100, Woman From India Captures Gold In The 100-Meter Dash At The Americas Masters Games

August 31, 20160

At the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver this week, Indian runner Man Kaur captured the eyes and hearts of people around the world. At 100 years old, she ran the
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Powerful Nike Ad Depicts Strong Female Athletes From India

July 24, 20160

Nike is known for featuring the world’s most popular sports stars in their ads, but in their recent video, they depict largely unknown female athletes from India. And it’s been
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Sochi 2014: Shiva Keshavan Ran His Luge Down Himalayan Mountains To Train For Olympics

February 8, 20140

Athletes don’t just train in order to prepare for competition. They prepare to train as well. That couldn’t be more true for Shiva Keshavan, who is the first Indian to
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