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THE PLAYERS Championship Tees Up a Week of Military Appreciation Events to Honor Those Who Serve

March 16, 20170

  By Patti Putnicki THE PLAYERS Championship. If you love golf, you know the tournament well. This early May event combines the best players in the world with the legendary
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P2P’s Top Five Stories: February 2017

March 1, 20170

It was a short month, but it was packed with a lot of good action. Here are our top five stories from February: 5. Second Impact Syndrome Survivor Shows Other
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The Ukrainian Girl Adopted by PGA Teaching Pro Now Thriving at Texas A&M Commerce

February 7, 20172

  By Patti Putnicki Editor’s note: Because Purpose2Play has been telling the stories of athletes, coaches, and fans for more than three years, we figure it’s about time to catch
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P2P’s Top Five Stories: January 2017

February 1, 20170

Our top stories from the first month of 2017 dipped into the world of golf, mountain biking, and skiing to name a few. Take a look at the list and
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PGA TOUR Sets Record, Donates Over $166 Million To Charitable Causes In 2016

January 25, 20170

No professional sport gives back quite like golf. The PGA announced Wednesday that the PGA TOUR and its tournaments donated a record-setting $166 million to charitable causes last year. For
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Lucky 7’s This Week In Sports

January 21, 20170

The number 777 is considered good luck, and this week’s sports related news was full of 7’s. 1. Have a look at 16-year-old high school freshman Robert Bobroczky. He’s 7’7″
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The Secret Behind PGA Tour Pro Jerry Kelly’s Staying Power:
Grit, Determination and a Focus on Family

January 3, 20170

  By Patti Putnicki It’s hard to ignore Jerry Kelly on the golf course, or anywhere else, for that matter. He plays golf with a passion; an Everyman grit that’s
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Purpose2Play’s Top 16 Stories Of 2016

December 31, 20160

It was another incredible year at Purpose2Play. We’re honored to be the media outlet some of the world’s most inspiring athletes choose to tell their stories to. Before we move
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P2P’s Top Five Stories: November 2016

December 1, 20160

Our top five stories from November based on page views: 5. Elite Runner Becky Wade Ran Over 3,500 Miles To Study Running Cultures Across The Globe Sure, running will leave
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Teachable Moments: Elite Golf Coach Corey Lundberg on the Changing World of Golf Instruction

November 15, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki Anyone who has played the sport knows the truth: golf is a wicked-hard game that’s as much shot choice, mental focus and course strategy as it
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College Golfer Receives Congratulatory Note From Arnold Palmer Days After His Passing

October 14, 20160

University of Michigan golfer Nick Carlson received the coolest piece of mail ever. Ten days after Arnold Palmer passed away, Carlson received a congratulatory note from the legend. Carlson advanced
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Watch This Golfer With One Leg And His Impressive Swing

October 12, 20160

Golfers know that the perfect swing doesn’t necessarily lie in the body. Much of the battle is in the mind. Take a look at this golfer, who has one leg.
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Five-Year-Old One-Handed Golfer Mimics Swings Of PGA Tour Pros

August 5, 20160

Tommy Morrissey, 5, doesn’t just have a solid golf swing. He can impersonate the swings of the PGA Tour’s best players. We first introduced you to Morrissey in 2014 as
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P2P’s Five Most Read Stories: July 2016

August 1, 20160

August. The Sunday of summer. Before we jump forward into another month of inspiring stories, let’s take a look back at July, and our top five stories from that month.
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Junior Golfer Enriching the Lives of Those With Autism Using Golf

July 27, 20160

  By Kim Constantinesco Angelica Harris is still a student, but teaching runs thick through her veins. The 18-year-old from Harvey, La., fills her after school hours competing on the
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