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P2P’s Top Five Stories: January 2017

February 1, 20170

Our top stories from the first month of 2017 dipped into the world of golf, mountain biking, and skiing to name a few. Take a look at the list and
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Willpower Is The Key According To The First Person With Dwarfism To Complete An Ironman

January 6, 20170

  By Kim Constantinesco Many people know him now as the first person with dwarfism to complete an Ironman. But there’s so much more to 50-year-old John “The Hammer” Young,
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First Person With Dwarfism Finishes IRONMAN Triathlon

November 19, 20162

John Young is no stranger to doubters. Because he stands just 4’4,” he’s had people tell him his entire life that he can’t do certain things. Now, Young has done
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P2P’s Five Most Read Stories: February 2016

March 1, 20160

It was a short but sweet month for us when it came to the sports stories that captivate the heart and the mind. Here’s a look at our top five
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Dwarfism Doesn’t Hold Ryan Gambrell Back From Karate, Triathlons, Or Surfing

February 9, 20161

  By Kristen Gowdy Ryan Gambrell never saw himself as a challenged athlete. When he was approached at youth karate tournaments, asked if he felt he was at a disadvantage,
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At 4’4″, Rico Abreu Wins First Stock Car Race In Seven Starts

July 5, 20150

At just 23 years old, Rico Abreu won his first stock car race in seven starts. Forget the fact that he started racing at 15 when most pro drivers begin
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