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“Mr. Irrelevant” Of 2008 NFL Draft Is Anything But

March 9, 20170

We first introduced you to Adaptive Training Foundation founder David Vobora in 2015. He’s the former NFL linebacker nicknamed “Mr. Irrelevant” because he was the last player selected in the
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The Ultimate Gym: ATF Readies Adaptive Athletes to Defy Limits In Sports and Beyond

July 12, 20160

  By Kim Constantinesco For the last year, we’ve published numerous pieces on the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF), a gym and a safe haven for adaptive athletes, started by former
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Michael Smith Is On A Quest To Become First Above-The-Elbow Amputee Skeleton Racer At The Olympics

December 10, 20150

By Kim Constantinesco Once a solider, always a solider. In the heat of battle, Army Sergeant First Class Michael Smith will find a way to prevail. Even though the 36-year-old
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A Greater Mission: How Chris Long and former Green Beret Nate Boyer are giving back to keep veterans from giving in

November 10, 20152

By Dani Wexelman He has fought terrorists in Afghanistan and competed against 300-pound linemen in the Big 12, but Nate Boyer’s toughest mission yet is helping other veterans win their
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P2P’s Five Most Read Stories: October 2015

November 2, 20150

Our top five stories from October: 5. First Female Above The Knee Amputee Surfer Danielle Burt Catches Waves, Dishes Hope An ocean wave can cause two entirely different reactions. To
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Undeterred by Spinal Cord Injury, Vanessa Cantu Hits Dallas Gyms Harder Than Most

October 14, 20150

  By Kim Constantinesco Millions of people every day sluggishly drag themselves to the gym just to “get through” a 30 or 60-minute workout. Reasons for stepping inside the mirror-clad,
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Ex-NFL Player David Vobora and The Adaptive Training Foundation Help People with Life-Altering Injuries Defy Their Limitations

October 6, 20150

By Patti Putnicki It happens in an instant. The accident, the injury, the IED explosion—the unthinkable event that changes life as someone knows it forever. After the hospital stays and
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