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28-Year-Old Becomes The First Female Head Coach To Lead A Pro Men’s Team In Continental Competition

March 15, 20170

When Chan Yuen-Ting was a child, she forged her mother’s signature and enrolled in a soccer youth leadership program. She signed the paperwork herself because she knew her parents wouldn’t
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What To Do With a Talented Young Athlete: Specialize in One Sport or Play Them All?

July 14, 20150

By Patti Putnicki It’s the era of the sports prodigy; a time when young athletes are taking the podium, winning championships and making headlines. Mo’Ne, Missy, Jordan—each seemingly emerging from
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Timeout Q&A: How Coaches Can Properly Help Athletes Set Goals

June 7, 20150

Purpose2Play: Setting team and individual goals are so important for success. Talk about the importance and process of setting goals. Dr. Cheri Toledo: When we shoot at nothing, we will
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Timeout Q&A: Blueprint For Dealing With Coaching Burnout

May 16, 20150

Purpose2Play:  It happens. Like athletes, coaches can get burnt out, too. What are some good indicators that you need a break from coaching? Dr. Cheri Toledo: With the increases in
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Timeout Q&A: Men Coaching Girls And Women

March 14, 20150

Purpose2Play: Are there differences when coaching boys/men and girls/women? Dr. Cheri Toledo: Communication is key to understanding some of the differences that male coaches need to be aware of when
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Coach Catches Head-First Falling Gymnast Twice

March 11, 20150

We’re well into spring training, but I’ll take you to the uneven bars to show you the catch of the year. Actually, I’ll show you two of them. At the
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Timeout Q&A: How Can Coaches Best Interact With Referees?

February 17, 20150

We’re back with Licensed Psychotherapist and member of the Florida State Athletic Behavioral Health Team, Paul Peavy, to talk about interactions with referees. As a coach, interacting with officials is
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Timeout Q&A: How Can Coaches Best Handle The Death Of An Athlete

January 23, 20150

In our effort to give coaches at all levels more guidance as they lead athletes to greatness, and as they navigate an often unpredictable sports world, we’ve asked our resident
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San Antonio Spurs Hire Becky Hammon as Paid Assistant Coach

August 5, 20140

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the most fundamentally sound and successful teams in all of professional sports. It’s no surprise then that Tuesday they became the first NBA,
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