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81-Year-Old Man Is Attempting To Become The Oldest Person To Hike The Entire Appalachian Trail In One Season

March 28, 20170

He’s known as the “Grey Bearded Adventurer” for good reason. At 81, Dale Sanders is on a mission to become the oldest person to hike the entire length of the
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George Jedenoff Is Still Skiing At 99 Years Old

March 20, 20170

We first introduced you to George Jedenoff in 2014 when he was 97 years old and skiing the pristine Utah snow with as much energy as a 13-year-old. Then we
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Relay Swim Team Comprised Of Athletes In Their 80’s And 90’s Set New World Record

March 17, 20170

There’s aging like a fine wine, and then there’s aging like John Corse, 93, Ed Graves, 92, Betty Lorenzi, 89, and Joan Campbell, 84. The four of them are Masters
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Legendary Runner Who Ran A Sub Four-Hour Marathon At 85 Dies

March 14, 20170

He was the first and only person over 70 years old to break three hours in the marathon. In October, he set another world record at 85 by becoming the
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A New Sports Rivalry: 99 And 92-Year-Old Sprinters

February 24, 20170

There’s Yankees v. Red Sox, Ali v. Frazier, and Carolina v. Duke. Add Orville Rogers, 99, and Dixon Hemphill, 92, to that list of great rivalries. The two sprinters (yes,
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Meet 80-Year-Old Ernestine Shepherd, The Oldest Female Competitive Bodybuilder In The World

February 19, 20170

At 80 years old, Ernestine Shepherd is the oldest female competitive bodybuilder in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s remarkable that she’s still benching pressing
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105-Year-Old French Cyclist Breaks A World Record For Longest Distance Covered In An Hour

January 4, 20170

Some things, you never forget how to do. Like riding a bike. Even at 105 years old. Robert Marchand, a 105-year-old French cyclist, set a new world record Wednesday when
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Jonathan Mendes, A 96-Year-Old World War II Marine, Finishes 2016 NYC Marathon

November 8, 20160

One man’s Gatorade is another man’s scotch. At 96 years old, Jonathan Mendes held up a nip of Scotch and toasted with his trainer, Tom Mangan, on Sunday night. And,
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At 85 Years Old, Ed Whitlock Runs Marathon In Under Four Hours

October 19, 20160

Ed Whitlock is no stranger to breaking world records. Over a decade ago, at 72 years old, he became the oldest man to ever break three hours in the marathon.
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Woman Becomes A Runner 85 Years Into Her Life

October 17, 20160

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It’s never too late to try something new. Imogene Greene is 86 years old and she didn’t become a runner until
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86-Year-Old Nun Completes Ironman Triathlons, Inspires In New Nike Ad

August 25, 20160

Have you seen the new Nike ad featuring 86-year-old nun, Sister Madonna Bruder? You should. She’s a lean mean racing machine, who swims, bikes, and runs a lot of miles
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Ida Keeling, 100, Sets New World Record in 100-Meter Dash at Penn Relays

May 1, 20160

No. 19. Lane 3. 100 years old. All eyes were on Ida Keeling Saturday as she set a new world record for the 100+ year age group in the 100-meter
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100 At 100: Centenarian Ida Keeling Set To Break Another Sprinting Record At Penn Relays

April 26, 20160

Last year, we told you about Ida Keeling, 99, who set a world record for her age group in the 100-meter dash. Now 100, Keeling is gearing up to race
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Rangers Fan Throws Out First Pitch At 105 Years Old, Points To Three Cans Of Dr. Pepper As Reason For Her Longevity

April 7, 20160

Deep in the heart of Texas, there lives a 105-year-old Texas Rangers fan. She isn’t stuck watching games in a nursing home either. Elizabeth Sullivan threw out the ceremonial first
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P2P’s Five Most Read Stories: March 2016

April 4, 20160

March was full of good sports narratives spanning all ages. From the two fifth-grade journalists who will be helping us cover the AT&T Byron Nelson this year to a 98-year-old
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