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Six-Year-Old Fires Slap Shot To Get Loose Tooth Out

January 26, 20150

Hockey players are the toughest of the bunch. Sutures to the face, broken noses, and missing teeth are all part of the game at one time or another if someone
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High School Basketball Player’s Free Throw Causes Rim To Fall Off

January 2, 20150

The free throw. Next to the layup, it’s the easiest shot in basketball. A nice easy touch is required, but that still didn’t keep the rim attached to the backboard
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Pro Hockey’s P.K. Subban Dresses As Old Security Guard To Surprise Children With Skate-Around

December 24, 20140

Hockey is life in Canada. That’s what makes this surprise so special. P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens dressed up as “Karl” the security guard in order to surprise a
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Child Thinks He’s Philadelphia Flyer Jakub Voracek, Corrects Dad On Camera

December 18, 20140

There’s no doubt that children look up to professional athletes. One dad was recording his son’s hockey skills, and called the tyke “Bud” rather than “Voracek.” We’re referring to Philadelphia
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12-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Shows Off Golf Trick Shots

December 17, 20140

Trick shot videos are all the rage these days whether it’s filming basketball, football, or golf shots. The Bryan Brothers are two professional golfers who have taken trick golf shots
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George H.W. Bush Scores Familiar Smooch On Kiss Cam

November 25, 20140

The “Kiss Cam” is a staple at any big sporting event. Sunday it was 90-year-old George H.W. Bush and his wife of 69 years, Barbara, who took full advantage of the candid moment. The
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Father Surprises Cancer Fighting Son By Jumping Off Roof In Spider-Man Costume

November 17, 20140

Mike Wilson treated his five-year-old cancer fighting son, Jayden, to a special surprise visit from Spider-Man. No, Mike didn’t fork over a load of cash to get the superhero to
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Souped-Up Golf Cart Sets New World Record at 119 MPH

November 4, 20140

Want to get a quick round of golf in after work but before your kid’s soccer game? There’s golf cart out there that would allow you to do so. Plum
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Fake Cobra in Cooler Gets Philadelphia Flyers To Jump

October 31, 20140

  Hockey players are undoubtedly tough. They take pucks to the face and come back just minutes later after a few stitches. A missed tooth? No problem. That’s as common
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Get Lost in this Surf Video, Shot at 1000 Frames Per Second

October 29, 20140

The beach can be an incredibly calming place, especially with the constant sound of crashing waves. That’s why we thought that it was important to bring you this new surf
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L.A. Dodgers’ Play-By-Play Man Vin Scully: 65 Years and Counting

September 16, 20140

**DISCLAIMER** Please forgive me if this article is a little long-winded. Truth is, I could have at least doubled this in length. There are few people in the public eye
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The Lighter Side: Derek Jeter Answers Reporter’s Phone

September 9, 20140

One of the worst things a reporter can have happen is letting his or her phone ring in the middle of a press conference. Tara Sullivan of the Bergen Record
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Mo’Ne Davis Sends Pitching Challenge to LA Dodger Clayton Kershaw, and Kershaw Accepts

August 22, 20140

By Matthew Case We have recent stories on both Little League World Series female pitching sensation Mo’Ne Davis as well as LA Dodger and Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw. Naturally,
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Paralympic Skier Has Medal Melted Down for Engagement Ring

August 8, 20140

Paralympic alpine skier Vincent Gauthier-Manuel, 27, has decided to share both his last name and his silver medal with his wife-to-be. Gauthier-Manuel had part of his silver medal from the
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Man Builds Human Foosball Table to Keep Kids in Town

August 6, 20140

There’s life-size Monopoly, life-size Jenga, and life-size Mousetrap. However, up until recently, there was never life-size human foosball. Mark Cacka lives in a small town about 50 miles south of
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