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Pro Bowl Kiss Cam Shows That Love Is Valid In All Its Forms

February 15, 20170

The NFL and the Ad Council created a great PSA for Valentine’s Day called Fans of Love. As part of their Love Has No Labels campaign, they showed footage from
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VIDEO: CrossFit Athlete Poses as 84-year-old Man at Muscle Beach

July 6, 20160

It’s not all business here at Purpose2Play. Sure, we often feature serious athletes and their stories, but what happens when one of those athletes gets recruited for a fun prank?
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Orlando Pride Goalkeeper With Broken Leg Tricks Coach, Has Twin Stand In For Her

June 26, 20160

Aubrey Bledsoe of the Orlando Pride broke her fibula in mid-June during practice, which obviously costs her the season. That, however, doesn’t mean the National Women’s Soccer League goalkeeper still
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Runner Sets Half Marathon World Record After Running, Winning Race in Dress Shoes

June 18, 20160

We’ve seen runners race in business suits, but we haven’t seen them toe the line in dress shoes. Until now. Juris Silenieks, 23, won Sunday’s Hotlanta Half Marathon in 1:17:05
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Richard Sherman Goes Undercover As Lyft Driver In Seattle

April 27, 20160

Richard Sherman is the latest athlete to go undercover as a Lyft driver. He went by “Richie” and had a five-star rating as he picked up passengers one day in
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Man Solves Three Rubik’s Cubes While Juggling

March 17, 20160

A man that goes by “Rubocubo” uploaded a video to his YouTube channel showing him solving three Rubik’s Cubes in under 20 seconds while juggling. For those who us who
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Brazilian Tennis Tournament Replaces Ball Boys With ‘Ball-Dogs’

March 1, 20160

Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. The Fourth of July and fireworks. Dogs and tennis balls. In an effort to promote the adoption of abandoned street dogs,
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Danica Patrick Poses As Lyft Driver, Taking Unsuspecting Passengers On Rides

February 18, 20160

It’s always a riot to watch athletes go undercover. Auto racing star Danica Patrick recently posed as a Lyft driver in Charlotte, and gave passengers all kinds of hints as
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At 60, High School Dance Instructor Head Spins Her Way Into Retirement

July 29, 20150

  Some people prefer to ride off into the sunset while others prefer a boom-boom-bang exit. Sixty-year-old Shirley Clements opted for the latter. The Canadian high school dance instructor laced
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Woman, 84, Sinks Putt On The Price Is Right To Win New Car

March 30, 20150

An 84-year-old woman named Margaret sank a putt to win a $16,000 car on The Price is Right. Sure, she violated rule 16-1e, by striking the ball with the club
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Justin Verlander Snaps Selfie With Unsuspecting Fan In Verlander Shirt

March 27, 20150

Normally, a fan has to wait in the autograph line (or crowd) to interact with his or her favorite player. Not the Starbucks line. A young boy wearing a Justin
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Brett Gardner Plays “Smalls” As New York Yankees Recreate Scene From The Sandlot

March 25, 20150

The Sandlot is arguably the greatest sports movie to come out of the 90’s. That’s what makes this New York Yankees reenactment so great. In a recently released commercial, Brett
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Quarterback Recalls 48 Numbers Of Pi, Reporter Takes Pie To The Face

March 15, 20150

Quarterbacks have to use their brains probably more so than any other player on the football field (other than centers, maybe). Tennessee gunslinger Joshua Dobbs fittingly showed off his brain
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Detroit Lion Kyle Van Noy, Elementary School Principal Mix Up Laptops Going Through Airport Security

March 9, 20150

What happens when an NFL player and an elementary school principal inadvertently swap computers? Detroit Lions linebacker Kyle Van Noy and Transverse Mountain Elementary principal Ilene Strong picked up each
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MLB Player Uses $2 Million To Buy Hippie Van, Lives Out Of It To Surf

February 9, 20150

So much was made of J.J. Watt buying a cabin in the middle of nowhere (in Wisconsin) to train during the NFL off season. MLB pitcher Daniel Norris, 22, takes
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