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Coaching Q&A: Detecting Athlete Burnout

May 4, 20150

  Purpose2Play: Whether forced by a parent or feeling pressured by peers to play, sometimes young athletes just aren’t interested in the sport they are playing. How can a coach
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TimeOut Q&A: Getting The Most From Your Team Entering The Playoffs

April 24, 20150

Purpose2Play: The playoffs are guaranteed for your team, even with a couple of games left to play in the regular season. How do you keep your team playing at a
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Timeout Q&A: Coaching A Player Who Is Injuried

April 11, 20150

Purpose2Play: One of your athletes suffers a season-ending injury, and she’s devastated. What steps should you take to help soften the blow of her lost season? Dr. Cheri Toledo: When
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Hoops Success for Terrapins’ Coach Brenda Frese Is Added Bonus After Son Defeats Leukemia

April 5, 20150

It is that time of the year when a champion in both men’s and women’s college basketball is crowned. For any head coach of a division 1 college basketball team,
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John Calipari Quite Possibly Saved Student Manager’s Life With Kentucky Basketball Offer

April 3, 20150

Kentucky basketball head coach John Calipari is one of the best recruiters in the business, but the recruitment of one student in particular stands out among the rest. In February
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Timeout Q&A: Coaching Your Own Child

March 28, 20150

Purpose2Play: Do you think there’s an age/level where it’s inappropriate for someone to coach his/her own child on a competitive level? Dr. Cheri Toledo: The nature of the parent-child relationship
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Late UNC Coach Dean Smith Leaves Every Former Player Money In Will

March 26, 20150

Late North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith undoubtedly has a lasting legacy. Before his passing at the age of 83 in early February, he managed to add to his legacy
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High School Football Coach Saves Drowning Six-Year-Old

March 17, 20150

 Coaches are used to taking control in stressful situations. It’s the nature of their job. However, what Scottsdale Saguaro High School offensive line coach Dustin King did last weekend deserves
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Timeout Q&A: Men Coaching Girls And Women

March 14, 20150

Purpose2Play: Are there differences when coaching boys/men and girls/women? Dr. Cheri Toledo: Communication is key to understanding some of the differences that male coaches need to be aware of when
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Buzz Williams Steps Away From Team During Timeout To Coach Fan In Free-Throw Contest

March 12, 20150

Coaches have an innate drive to want to help other succeed. It should be no surprise then that Virginia Tech basketball coach Buzz Williams helped coach a girl at the
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Coach Catches Head-First Falling Gymnast Twice

March 11, 20150

We’re well into spring training, but I’ll take you to the uneven bars to show you the catch of the year. Actually, I’ll show you two of them. At the
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Timeout Q&A: Bringing Your Team On The Road

February 27, 20151

I’d like to welcome Dr. Cheri Toledo to Purpose2Play’s Coaches’ Corner. Dr. Toledo is a Certified Elite Life Coach, with a 15+- year car career as a collegiate and high
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Timeout Q&A: How Can Coaches Best Interact With Referees?

February 17, 20150

We’re back with Licensed Psychotherapist and member of the Florida State Athletic Behavioral Health Team, Paul Peavy, to talk about interactions with referees. As a coach, interacting with officials is
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Timeout Q&A: How Can Coaches Best Handle The Death Of An Athlete

January 23, 20150

In our effort to give coaches at all levels more guidance as they lead athletes to greatness, and as they navigate an often unpredictable sports world, we’ve asked our resident
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Timeout Q&A: Should Athletes Be Jacks of All Sports or Masters of One?

January 9, 20150

In our effort to give coaches at all levels some more guidance as they lead athletes to greatness and as they navigate an often unpredictable sports world, we’ve asked our
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