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28-Year-Old Becomes The First Female Head Coach To Lead A Pro Men’s Team In Continental Competition

March 15, 20170

When Chan Yuen-Ting was a child, she forged her mother’s signature and enrolled in a soccer youth leadership program. She signed the paperwork herself because she knew her parents wouldn’t
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Former NBA Player Robert Pack and Rapper Master P Join Forces To Coach At-Risk Boys In New Orleans

February 26, 20170

Robert Pack was a 13-year NBA journeyman known for his high-flying dunks even though he was only 6’2″. Now 48 years old, he’s an assistant coach with the New Orleans
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High School Student Surprises Teacher, Coach With Pair of Air Jordan’s He Always Dreamed Of

September 23, 20160

Beautiful things are happening in classrooms all across the country, and I’m not just talking about the knowledge and wisdom imparted on chalk boards. Coronado High School (Lubbock, TX) student
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High School Football Coach Suspends His Entire Team To Teach Lessons In Character

September 10, 20160

What if high school coaches coached life skills ahead of athletics? That’s what Union High School (Roosevelt, Utah) football coach Matt Labrum did in 2013. After certain players were caught
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Gymnastics Coach Catches 11-Year-Old In Mid-Air After She Lost Her Grip On The Uneven Bars

April 17, 20160

Having a good coach in gymnastics isn’t just important. It’s actually life-saving. A camera was rolling as gymnasts warmed up on the uneven bars prior to the Artistic Gymnastics Ontario
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Kathryn Smith Hired As NFL’s First Female Full-Time Coach

January 20, 20160

As the 28 non-playoff NFL teams make all kinds of coaching changes, the Buffalo Bills made a history making move on Wednesday when they hired Kathryn Smith as their special
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Teen Coach With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Receives Heartfelt Letter From LeBron James

November 13, 20150

Emanuel Duncan, 19, is a student-coach for the football team at Lawrence Central High School in Indianapolis. Duncan doesn’t bring with him a vast knowledge of the sport, but what
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Les Miles Befriended Teen With Bone Cancer, ESPN Puts Out Tribute Video

November 7, 20150

By Kim Constantinesco Coaches are there to guide, influence, and motivate. Those qualities aren’t just met for his/her team either. In 2014, Just before beginning high school, Sid Ortis was
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Arizona Cardinals Hire Jen Welter As First Female Coach In NFL History

July 27, 20150

  The Arizona Cardinals have made history by hiring the NFL’s first female to hold a coaching position. The Cardinals have hired 37-year old Jen Welter to coach the inside
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St. Louis Rams’ Assistant John Fassel Rescued Drowning Man Just Before Training Camp

July 27, 20150

  Training camp opens this week around the NFL, and for many players and coaches, Sunday was their last official day of vacation. So what does St. Louis Rams special-teams
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What To Do With a Talented Young Athlete: Specialize in One Sport or Play Them All?

July 14, 20150

By Patti Putnicki It’s the era of the sports prodigy; a time when young athletes are taking the podium, winning championships and making headlines. Mo’Ne, Missy, Jordan—each seemingly emerging from
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Timeout Q&A: Embracing Risk, Failure In Coaching

June 22, 20151

Purpose2Play: How can coaches cultivate courage when it comes to the “big moments” in competition? Dr. Cheri Toledo: First of all, preparation is key … build practices around the situations
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Timeout Q&A: How Coaches Can Properly Help Athletes Set Goals

June 7, 20150

Purpose2Play: Setting team and individual goals are so important for success. Talk about the importance and process of setting goals. Dr. Cheri Toledo: When we shoot at nothing, we will
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Timeout Q&A: Blueprint For Dealing With Coaching Burnout

May 16, 20150

Purpose2Play:  It happens. Like athletes, coaches can get burnt out, too. What are some good indicators that you need a break from coaching? Dr. Cheri Toledo: With the increases in
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Coaching Q&A: Detecting Athlete Burnout

May 4, 20150

  Purpose2Play: Whether forced by a parent or feeling pressured by peers to play, sometimes young athletes just aren’t interested in the sport they are playing. How can a coach
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