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Memorial Day Weekend Victory: U.S. Marine With Prosthetic Leg Wins First Professional Race

May 25, 20140

Memorial Day is not a day to be taken lightly. While the extended weekend often serves as an unofficial start to the summer, Memorial Day is a day to remember
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Armless Table Tennis Player One of World’s Best

May 12, 20140

Where there’s a will, there’s certainly a way. No one exemplifies that better than Ibrahim Hamato of Egypt. Hamato is one of the world’s best table tennis players, and amazingly,
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NFL History Made: Michael Sam Becomes League’s First Openly Gay Player

May 11, 20140

It’s always an exciting time when history is made in sports. During the final day of the 2014 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams drafted Michael Sam, the 2013 SEC
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Blind Pole Vaulter One Of The Best In Texas

May 5, 20140

Last week, we told you about blind track star, Annie Donnell. This week, we’re here to tell you about Charlotte Brown, a blind pole vaulter. Yes, that’s right, a pole
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Three Straight Inside-The-Park Home Runs Nothing Compared To Cancer Fight

May 2, 20140

It’s difficult enough to hit an inside-the-park home run. However, one high school baseball player did it in three consecutive at-bats. Even though those home runs were the firsts of
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Blind High School Track Star ‘Sees’ Just Fine

May 1, 20141

Sometimes victory doesn’t lie in where you finish. It lies in the fact that you did finish. Annie Donnell, 16, has been blind since birth. However, she doesn’t let that
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Georgia Highland College’s Jesse Stroup Defies Cerebral Palsy Limitations

April 1, 20140

  By Matt Petrero: If you ask many who suffer from a debilitating malady such as cerebral palsy what they’d hope for in their daily lives, my guess is that
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VIDEO: 81-Year-Old Attains Perfection, Bowls His First Ever 300 Game

March 19, 20140

Vince Lombardi once said “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” As a longtime bowler, Ray Niedzwiecki of Swoyersville, PA had 11 times bowled an
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94-Year Old, Olga Kotelko: Mind Over Matter.

March 3, 20140

As time has passed, we have seen life expectancy increase. Much of that has to do with the advances in medicine. Some of that has to do with increased knowledge
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Four-foot-One Student Coach Seth Kraft Has Big Night At Basketball Game

February 25, 20140

Size isn’t exactly a great indicator of strength or will. Ask Laurel boys basketball student-manager/student coach Seth Kraft. Kraft is 4-foot-1 and got the opportunity to get some playing time
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90-Year-Old John Shear Saved 5-Year-Old Girl’s Life At Racetrack

February 13, 20140

We’re going to interrupt the Olympic action with a story about a guy who was alive during the first Winter Olympic Games held in Chamonix in 1924. At 92 years
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Cancer-Fighting High School Girls Basketball Star Shows Grit

February 6, 20140

A hero isn’t someone who wins a game. A hero is someone who shows strength and tenacity from moment to moment. Thanks to hard work, high school basketball player Ebony
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