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Patti Putnicki is a prolific freelance writer who has crafted every thing from humor books to articles, video scripts and song parodies for some of the most recognized companies in the U.S. Her sweet spot is storytelling, uncovering that universal connection between subject matter and audience. When this Texas native is not writing, she can be found on the golf course (probably in the wrong fairway), at the gym, at the movies or seeking out her next story. Follow on Twitter @pattiputnicki

THE PLAYERS Championship Tees Up a Week of Military Appreciation Events to Honor Those Who Serve

March 16, 20170

  By Patti Putnicki THE PLAYERS Championship. If you love golf, you know the tournament well. This early May event combines the best players in the world with the legendary
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The Ukrainian Girl Adopted by PGA Teaching Pro Now Thriving at Texas A&M Commerce

February 7, 20172

  By Patti Putnicki Editor’s note: Because Purpose2Play has been telling the stories of athletes, coaches, and fans for more than three years, we figure it’s about time to catch
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The Secret Behind PGA Tour Pro Jerry Kelly’s Staying Power:
Grit, Determination and a Focus on Family

January 3, 20170

  By Patti Putnicki It’s hard to ignore Jerry Kelly on the golf course, or anywhere else, for that matter. He plays golf with a passion; an Everyman grit that’s
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Teachable Moments: Elite Golf Coach Corey Lundberg on the Changing World of Golf Instruction

November 15, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki Anyone who has played the sport knows the truth: golf is a wicked-hard game that’s as much shot choice, mental focus and course strategy as it
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When the Golf Swing Takes a Holiday During a Round: How PGA Tour Pros (and Amateurs Can) Regroup

May 30, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki The past two weeks have been golf nirvana in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, with the AT&T Byron Nelson, quickly followed by the Dean & Deluca Invitational
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From Keeping Journals to Visualization to Just Appreciating the Game— PGA Tour Pros Share Their Techniques for Getting Back on Track When Their Golf Games Go South

May 22, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki Golf is a wicked game that can build you up, then let you down—whether you’re a pro or a 20-something handicapper. Yet, anyone who plays the
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The AT&T Byron Nelson Goes Super High-Tech, with Virtual Reality and “Cell on Wheels”

May 20, 20160

By Patti Putnicki Not too long ago, mobile phones weren’t even allowed on the grounds of the TPC Four Seasons during the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament.  Today, with AT&T’s sponsorship
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PGA Tour Players Mark Wilson, Danny Lee, Jason Gore and Jerry Kelly Share Their Advice for Junior Golfers Aspiring to Go Pro

May 19, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki Whether you survey the crowds at the 2016 AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament, or the practice tee of your local golf course, you’ll likely see the
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Bowditch, DeChambeau and Spieth Discuss the Mental Game of Golf at the 2016 Byron Nelson Golf Tournament

May 18, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki Every amateur golfer knows the feeling. You’re out on the golf course, things are going well. Then, a miss. Another miss. You feel your body tense
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Behind the Scenes at the 2016 AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament: The Real Purpose of the Guys in the Red Pants

May 17, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki The AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament is known for its beautiful spectators, outstanding golf and oft-times, soggy conditions. It’s a place where the best of the
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Pros at the 2016 Byron Nelson Will Be Asked the ‘Good Questions’ by Momentous Institute Junior Reporters

March 18, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki At the AT&T Byron Nelson press kickoff on March 17th, 2016, Salomon Navarette and Mia Williams boldly approached reigning tournament champ, Steven Bowditch, for an exclusive,
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Kate and Justin Rose: Bringing Food, Books and Hope to Disadvantaged Kids

February 3, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki If you follow golf, you inevitably know the names Kate and Justin Rose. He’s an international golf sensation; the 2013 U.S. Open champ, and a fan
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North Texas Breeds Young, Talented Golfers: Noah Goodwin, Next in Line

January 19, 20160

  By Patti Putnicki Noah Goodwin came out of the birth canal with more focus and competitive spirit than most of us muster up in a lifetime. He was born
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PGA Tour Golfer Jarrod Lyle Doesn’t Let Leukemia Stop Him From Pursuing His Tour Dreams

December 3, 20150

By Patti Putnicki Professional golfers are used to fighting back—from bad shots, missed cuts and all of the other challenges that come with being on tour. Then, there is Jarrod
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Ex-NFL Player David Vobora and The Adaptive Training Foundation Help People with Life-Altering Injuries Defy Their Limitations

October 6, 20150

By Patti Putnicki It happens in an instant. The accident, the injury, the IED explosion—the unthinkable event that changes life as someone knows it forever. After the hospital stays and
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