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As the founder and editor-in-chief of Purpose2Play.com, Kim Constantinesco dives under the surface hype to illuminate heroes in the sports world. Whether talking with the first man with cerebral palsy to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, or the first woman to mountain bike across Afghanistan, Kim has a keen interest in shining the spotlight on ordinary people doing extraordinary things. She believes it's time media starts placing a higher value on the people and communities who are actively doing something to make the world a little better. Previously, she covered the Denver Broncos and the NFL for seven seasons. Her work has been featured on NFL.com, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, The New York Times, and USA Today. She resides in Denver, CO. When not working, she can be found deep in the Rocky Mountains throwing backflips on her snowboard. Follow Kim on Twitter: @KimCon14

College Basketball Player Makes History By Wearing A Yarmulke In A Game

January 7, 20140

For the first time in Big Ten Conference history, a player wore a yarmulke (also known as a kippah) in a basketball game. Northwestern red shirt freshman Aaron Liberman stepped
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NBA Center Ronny Turiaf Has Reasons The Heart Understands

January 6, 20140

  By Kim Constantinesco One has to wonder if Ronny Turiaf’s heartbeat matches the beat of the basketball that he dribbles. It’s a fair question for the 30-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves center.
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First Man With Cerebral Palsy Climbs Kilimanjaro, Completes Ironman

January 2, 20141

By Kim Constantinesco Sometimes in order to keep a secret, you have to disguise it from yourself. With help from his parents, Bonner Paddock, 38, concealed his disability for the
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Man Dribbles Two Basketballs Continuously in Marathons to Inspire

December 29, 20130

  By Kim Constantinesco Running a marathon may be crazy, but to do it dribbling two basketballs continuously has to be insane, right? If you’re Darren Weissman, 31, (a.k.a. Dr.
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Roger Bannister Showed That Limitations are Arbitrary

December 27, 20130

In the 1950’s, nobody believed that anyone could run a sub-4-minute mile. The feat had been attempted numerous times, and the closest anyone came to the mark was 4 minutes
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Fitness Saved NYC’s Matt Long After Being Struck By Charter Bus

December 23, 20130

By Kim Constantinesco There’s taking a bite out of the Big Apple and then there’s eating it to the core, taking the biggest breath imaginable, and spitting the seeds out
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Broncos’ Eric Decker and Wife Jessie James Support Military Service Dogs

December 20, 20132

By Kim Constantinesco Dogs set the anchor of unconditional love and service in our lives. Even without words, they limit the drift of positivity, confidence, and hope. Perhaps no one
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No Longer Running from Africa, U.S. Marathoner Meb Keflezighi Thrives

December 9, 20130

By Kim Constantinesco The playing of the national anthem has more meaning to some Americans than others. “When the Star-Spangled Banner plays on Sunday or any race, it brings tears
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Resilience in Nuggets’ Guard Randy Foye Shines Bright

December 7, 20130

By Kim Constantinesco Denver Nuggets guard Randy Foye, 30, is different from other NBA players inside and out. Biologically speaking, Foye was born with situs inversus, which means that the
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Pro Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani Found Fun In Working Her Way Back From Injury

December 6, 20130

  By Kim Constantinesco When the focus is on internal progression, amazing external surprises are sure to follow. Professional snowboarder Kimmy Fasani is no stranger to looking inward for strength
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Broncos’ G Zane Beadles Doesn’t Just Play, He Influences the Cancer Community

December 5, 20130

  By Kim Constantinesco Perhaps in a different lifetime, Denver Broncos’ starting left guard Zane Beadles was an elephant roaming the great arid deserts of Africa or stomping around luscious
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Broncos Fan Watches Team While Fighting His Own Battle

December 3, 20130

By Kim Constantinesco A No. 18 orange jersey was delicately draped across the end of a white uniform hospital bed as “I Go Back” by Kenny Cheney blasted from the
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Presli Collins’ Memorable Date with Tim Tebow

November 28, 20131

By Kim Constantinesco As humans, we have an interesting relationship with time. We think about it a lot. How to spend it, how to make the most of it, how
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