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Nick Toledo Makes Most Of New Heart, Eternally Grateful For Second Chance At Life

June 19, 20150

  The next time you want to make an excuse for why you can’t or don’t want to workout, think about Nick Toledo, Jr. For almost seventeen years, Toledo suffered
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Ernie Johnson Is All Class…Gives Emmy To Stuart Scott’s Daughters

May 6, 20150

Last night, TNT’s, Ernie Johnson, who is the host of the network’s NBA pregame, post-game, and halftime in-studio show, was nominated with some of the best sports studio hosts in
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Beth Sanden Becomes First Athlete With Disability To Complete A Marathon on Seven Continents

March 26, 20150

By Josh Jacques When Beth Sanden, 60, traveled to Antarctica in February, she used her 43-pound handcycle to complete a marathon. More importantly, she finished her 13-year journey to accomplish
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Pittsburgh Detective Jack Mook Provides Two Boys Boxing, A Family, And A Future

January 12, 20155

  By Matt Petrero Parenthood is not something which a person stands around looking for credit. However, what if it’s a man who adopts two older children to save them from
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Colorado College Adds 9 Year Old Carter Gates To Its Basketball Squad

December 29, 20140

  Ordinarily, you might see a 4’10” nine-year old playing basketball in his driveway, a youth league, or at the local park. And if that same 9 year-old boy is battling leukemia, you might
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Friends, Auburn WR Sammie Coates and 12yo Kenzie Ray Inspire Each Other

December 28, 20140

  This Thursday is New Years Day. For many college football nuts, like your humble correspondent, January 1st is all about the bowls. The new year is also the perfect time to commit to making our
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