97-Year-Old Skier Still Hunting For Powder Stashes

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For many around the country, ski season is upon us.

It’s common to see 2-year-olds on the bunny slopes learning the ropes so that they get to a point where they’re faster than their parents and yelling “Steep and deep!” down the mountain.

Less common is to see people in their 70’s or even 80’s still making turns and enjoying the brisk outdoor exercise. Let’s face it. Sliding down the mountain on two “sticks” or a snowboard takes effort, balance, stability, and strong leg and core muscles.

That’s what makes 97-year-old skier George Jedenoff absolutely remarkable. Jedenoff didn’t start skiing until he was 43, but now the California resident goes to Utah every single winter to hit the slopes.

He attributes his longevity both in life and on the hill to exercising every day.

“The love of skiing really gives me the inspiration to keep in shape so that I can enjoy being in the snow…” Jefenoff said. “Skiing is like having a fancy dessert. It adds just so much to your life. It’s worth all the effort of exercise…I just wish I could ski every day.”

Jedenoff doesn’t just stick the groomed runs either. That’s clear when he talks about his favorite conditions to ski in.

“Oh, powder. Don’t get me started on powder. I just love it. When I come out here, I can find a little powder by the tree and I’ll go hit it because it’s just great…Powder is just powder.”

Watch out, Utah. Jedenoff is coming back this winter at 97 years old, and he’s clearly forgotten about his age.


Kim Constantinesco

Kim Constantinesco

As the founder and editor-in-chief of Purpose2Play.com, Kim Constantinesco dives under the surface hype to illuminate heroes in the sports world. Whether talking with the first man with cerebral palsy to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, or the first woman to mountain bike across Afghanistan, Kim has a keen interest in shining the spotlight on ordinary people doing extraordinary things. She believes it's time media starts placing a higher value on the people and communities who are actively doing something to make the world a little better. Previously, she covered the Denver Broncos and the NFL for seven seasons. Her work has been featured on NFL.com, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, The New York Times, and USA Today. She resides in Denver, CO. When not working, she can be found deep in the Rocky Mountains throwing backflips on her snowboard. Follow Kim on Twitter: @KimCon14
Kim Constantinesco

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