7-Year-Old Girl Dominates NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick Championship

What do Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and 7-year-old Elly Evarts have in common? Big arms.

Evarts made history at the NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick Championship in Orlando during Pro Bowl weekend when she threw a football 48 feet, 5 inches. No other girl in her age group has ever reached that distance.

She went on to kick the ball 50 feet, 9 inches with another boot totaling 151 feet.

Evarts started playing football at two years old, and she currently plays in a boys flag football league in Oregon. According to The News-Messenger, her goal is to be the first girl to reach the end zone for Gibsonburg High School.

“One of her first words she said was ball,” mother Jamie said. “She just loves playing sports. She loves the competition.”

She’s the type of girl who is sad when school is cancelled because that means she has to miss her favorite class — gym. She regularly competes on the basketball court against middle school boys because her dad is their coach.

Here’s a quick video from USA Today:

Maybe we should start replacing, “Play like a girl” with “Play like Elly Evarts.”

Kim Constantinesco

Kim Constantinesco

As the founder and editor-in-chief of Purpose2Play.com, Kim Constantinesco dives under the surface hype to illuminate heroes in the sports world. Whether talking with the first man with cerebral palsy to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, or the first woman to mountain bike across Afghanistan, Kim has a keen interest in shining the spotlight on ordinary people doing extraordinary things. She believes it's time media starts placing a higher value on the people and communities who are actively doing something to make the world a little better. Previously, she covered the Denver Broncos and the NFL for seven seasons. Her work has been featured on NFL.com, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, The New York Times, and USA Today. She resides in Denver, CO. When not working, she can be found deep in the Rocky Mountains throwing backflips on her snowboard. Follow Kim on Twitter: @KimCon14
Kim Constantinesco

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